1 Simple and Profitable Method – Blogging about your Hobby + Amazon Affiliates

Mar 8, 2017 | Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Tips

1. Create a Blog

Start a blog from a niche that is ideally based on a hobby of yours. It’s better to make sure you’ve been interested in it for a while so that you’ve got plenty to write about. 

For your hosting provider, my favourite and the one with the best value (that I know of) is Bluehost from £6.95 per month.

For your blogging platform, choose WordPress, this is the most popular and flexible blogging platform with a huge variety of plugins the WordPress community has developed.

You can choose to work with a designer, or try to create the theme on your own. If you don’t want the headache of learning to code, there are drag and drop builders l recommend like Make and Beaver Builder. There are other drag and drop builders like Divi and X which are very good but you will never be able to change your theme if you go with these which can be a concern when you want to sell the blog when you’re bored of it. 

For designing your blog see How to Design a Blog in 2016.


2. Apply for Amazon Associates 

Find products for sale on Amazon related to your niche. 

This should be an easy task as Amazon sells just about EVERYTHING.

Join the Amazon associates program.amazonassociates

If you refer someone to the Amazon website, whatever they buy in the next year, you’ll get 4% of and if you earn a lot with their program you can climb up to 10%. Sure the percentage you make from an Amazon referral is a lot smaller than what you make from say a Clickbank sale. But Amazon has a lot more products available, and so they definitely convert.

You don’t even need to know how to sell. Amazon does all the work for you. You just have to have the products available. 


3. Write product reviews.

Write honest reviews about products related to your blog. Give the pros and cons and tell people where they can purchase the product if they are interested (hint: Amazon using your affiliate link.)


4. Write tutorials.

You can find tutorials around the internet related to your niche and if you like them, just learn them and rewrite the tutorial in your own words. It also helps to include information you’ve learned in the past that you think would spruce up this tutorial and make it stand out from the rest. Document the tutorial with a little creativity, taking photos of the affiliate product involved and provide the Amazon affiliate link. 

Hint: You can provide the affiliate link twice by including a ‘What You’ll Need’ box in the top right or left of your post. 


5. Write targeted blog posts

Write interesting articles with a focus on more specific detail. For example to start a fitness blog, you wouldn’t go for a post titled “How to Get Great Abs.” Many people have done this before, all these keywords and phrases are taken and so you’ll have to be more targeted with your articles.

You should try going for posts with a title like “What are the best types of food to eat before a jog?” This is more specific and it could be changed slightly by using a top ten foods instead, or meals, linking to various recipes (when linking to other blogs you should always @ the creator of the content in the hopes they’ll retweet/share the post so that you can hijack their audience count). The point is that it pays to be more specific as there is a lot less competition in the search listings.

At the end of the post you can make a little recommendation for Amazon  “My 3 Favourite Jogging Pants”, here you’ll suggest 3 jogging pants that can be purchased on Amazon. 

You can also just implement a selection of Amazon products into the blog, but when you make it personal to you and relevant to the blog post, it looks and feels more genuine. 



So that is a very simple way to make money blogging with Amazon Affiliates Program. Many times people get caught up in all the different and exciting ideas for a blog that there is no certain direction for it. So it is worth having everything planned out and and a clear objective so that you can be a successful affiliate of Amazon.




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