5 Blogging Tips for Success + SEO Secrets Revealed, How to Make Google Love You.

Sep 30, 2016 | Advertising Tips, Blogging Tips

If you are new to blogging and want it all to go smoothly, or if you’ve been a blogger for a while now and you aren’t getting the results you expected, then this post is for you.

During my experience as a beginner blogger I came across many pitfalls and noticed what really holds you back from blogging successfully, so I decided to make a list of possible mistakes the beginner blogger makes.

So here are my 5 Tips On How To Be a Successful Blogger.

1. Don’t Dive in at the Deep End

It can be exciting when you first start your blog, and it can be tempting to get it up and going as soon as you can, but when we rush into things, we tend to make mistakes.

It is better to take time over each decision you’re making, for example, with design, like choosing a certain font, if you change your mind (like I did) and have too much content, that means a lot of laborious editing.

Also when starting a blog it is important to keep generating new ideas and conduct research for posts, but it is important to keep a good balance between input and output. This is why a blogging schedule is important for keeping to deadlines.

2. Stay focused

Creating a successful blog requires finding and maintaining a focus for your blog . Your ‘niche’ should ideally be your interests, something you have spent time learning about and therefore have no problem writing about it. The main idea here is that you are supposed to enjoy blogging, not loathe it.

If you are expecting your blog to be read by thousands in your first month, you’re mistaken. Blogging is a lengthy process and it takes months for readers to start engaging, although it does depend how well you market it.

This shouldn’t be a rushed job, what will take you further in the long run is quality, polished content.

3. Do your research

With that said, you should find the process of starting a blog about something you love easy, and have no problem with researching about your subject.

Make sure that when you’re reading about your interest on websites or researching for a blog post, you have a look at the blog’s layout, its graphics and what makes it stand out.

Be inspired by your competitor blog’s techniques and ideas for attracting their audiences, but don’t be a carbon copy – see if you can bring something new to the game.

Also take time to figure out which writing style suits your blog best, whether its informative, formal or chatty, etc. You may or may not want to feature your name in your blog, as it depends on the type of content you write and if you’re concerned about your privacy.


4. No copying and pasting!

If you find content that you love and would like to include it in a blog post, make sure to use quotes and give credit where it is due. Some bloggers appreciate a mention on your site, as it helps them to reach a broader audience (and climb up the search listings).

Paraphrasing is fine as long as you do it in a way that is unique to your own style, simply using a thesaurus isn’t enough, you have to put some personality in there, but try to stay out of cheeseville.

5. Your reader is your new best friend- Don’t ignore them!

Your best friend will openly criticize you in the comments section, they will scrutinize each mistake and you have to answer to it. Your new best friend will also say nice things on occasion, engage in meaningful conversation and even provide helpful tips.

Your new best friend will also leave a comment to promote their blog on your blog, and you can do the same on their blog, an I scratch your back you scratch mine situation.

Unfortunately we’ll always have to deal with people who have differing points of view, and so we must learn to cautiously let them know that they’re wrong and stupid for thinking that.

Not really! You must always be polite and thank them for reading and commenting. You should reply with whatever is appropriate and avoid a debate, but if you must retort, keep it short and never get personal.


Realistically, creating a successful blog depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, and for that reason you should find something you enjoy researching and writing about.


SEO Secret Revealed:

How to make Google love you

A blogging tip that will bring you success with climbing Google’s search listings is:

In the first 1-2 months of starting your blog, be a blogging maniac, write and publish as many new posts as often as you can. Publishing a post every two days along with writing SEO configured content should get you high up in the search listings.




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