Matched Betting – How to Earn Thousands £££ from Extra Place Bets

Matched Betting – How to Earn Thousands £££ from Extra Place Bets

Extra-place bet offers in combination with matched betting has been a huge source of income for me and so I had to write an article to spread the good word. 

Extra-places are my favourite way of making money using Profit Accumulator’s website, the most popular and I think the only online Matched Betting program. If you don’t know what Matched Betting is, take a look at my article here explaining how Matched Betting can make you profits by placing bets without putting your money on the line.

The amount you can win from extra-place bets is a surprise each time, sometimes it can be hundreds and other times it’s thousands, as it depends on the odds of the horse coming 5th and how much money you place on the bet.

The exciting thing is that the more you bet, the more you win, and if you can build up a nice bank with your winnings, you can say that this has the potential to not only make you extra income, but gradually wealthy. 

Matched Betting and extra place offers simply require practice, you’ll learn the ins and outs by doing it and then soon you will be completing them very quickly. 


What are the extra place offers from Profit Accumulator?

Some days during the week, often Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, bookies will offer to pay an extra place in a horse race, so rather than their usual amount (1-4 places), they offer a 5th place (sometimes it is 4th place with the same rules that apply).

If you don’t know what an extra place bet is, it’s where you have the option to split your bet each way, so half on the horse winning, and half on the horse to finish the race in the first 3 or 4 places (depending on each race).

So if you bet £50 each way on a horse, and that horse comes in 3rd place, you’ll get a payout of £25 x the odds of the place bet. 


So how can Matched Betting help us to make money with extra place bets?

Now we turn to Profit Accumulator and click on the Extra Places link on the Reloads page. (After you’ve signed up)Extra place bets profit accumulator

The Extra Place Horse Racing offer shows us a list of the bookies offering customers an extra place in their races on that day. Profit Accumulator is very helpful as they research all of the bookies offering this Extra place so we don’t have to. 

With Matched Betting, we use Betfair and Smarkets (sometimes Betdaq, Matchbook, Ladbrokes) to place our ‘lay bets’. We are betting the horse doesn’t make it into the first 4 places (sometimes the bookie offers an extra 4th or 6th place and so the lay bet race will be paying to the first 3 places, but most of the time it is 4.)

So when a horse you’ve bet on makes it into 5th (or 4th or 6th depending on the race) place with a bookie, you’ll win money with the bookie and because it didn’t make it into the first 4 (or 3) places with the lay bet, you win with that bookie too. 

So, in order to make money on these extra place offers, is you have to place as many bets on horses as possible with as many bookies as possible (so you don’t get banned) to increase your chances of winning an extra place. 

I have completed many of these extra place offers and I aim to get at least 6 horses covered, but 8 is the recommended minimum, though it depends on the race and how many horses are running. 


The Matched Betting Process

First, we check the information on the Extra Place link on Profit Accumulator’s Reload Offers page. 

Then we make a note of all the bookies, how many extra places they’re offering and the fraction. 

Then go to Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatching link.

Go to the filter and in the search bar fill in the name and time of the race, check the appropriate bookies under the Bookies option. 

You should leave this tab open, if you want alerts for when the oddsmatcher finds matching odds along with slightly faster scanning you will have to sign up to Profit Accumulator’s Match Catcher at £9.99 a month.

Go for odds that are rated above 90%, 87% & up if you’re desperate, as it results in a lower qualifying loss. 

When you have found matching odds, don’t bother using Profit Accumulator’s calculator, instead, you will be using a very useful spreadsheet to fill in the following:

  • The name of the race 
  • The bookie used
  • How many places the bookie is paying
  • The horse’s name
  • The amount you’re betting each way
  • The win odds
  • The place fraction (if 5 places = 0.2 if 4 places = 0.25)
  • The place odds (find these in the PDF giveaway below)
  • The win lay commission
  • The winning lay odds
  • The winning place odds

Matched Betting spreadsheet

You won’t be needing to enter anything else, it may sound like a lot but this is a spreadsheet and the information can be multiplied by clicking the black cross that shows up when you hover on the right-hand corner, if you hold that whilst scrolling down (or any direction) the information you’ve entered can fill the rest of the rows automatically. So when there is a day with multiple bookies having the same information, you can save time by doing this. 

This spreadsheet is very helpful because it not only keeps track of our extra place bets, but also includes prefixed calculations, so when you enter the odds and your betting amount, the spreadsheet tells you how much to put on your lay bet. So when we use this spreadsheet, we don’t need to use Profit Accumulator’s calculator, saving us a lot of time. You can receive a link download the spreadsheet and place odds PDF after you have signed up and email with the words ‘Extra Place’. 

So when you’ve got your winning lay bet amount and place lay bet amount, you should just type the number into the winning lay bet (right option) first without pressing enter (never place a lay bet before a win bet), this is because the odds might change and once we’ve placed the bet with the bookie, we want to do make our lay bets as quickly as possible to keep the odds close together. 

Then scroll down to the separate list of place bets, choose the right hand option and type in the place bet. 

Now go to the appropriate bookie and make your each way bet. Make sure you check the EW button. 

Once that is placed then go to your lay bets and place both of them (quick). 


One Horse at a Time

So now you know how to make an extra place bet, you will have to repeat this process with every new match that the oddsmatcher finds for you. 

In order to get as many horses as down as possible, you should start early in the day. Well practiced matched betters will start their spreadsheets from 7-8 in the morning and catch 8+ matching odds throughout the morning until the race starts. This way it won’t seem like as much work as it will be spread out and completed little by little. It can also very fun to find the matching horses and get excited about all the money you’ll earn. Matched Betting Forum Horse Racing Extra places

Most extra place matched betters keep their eye on the forum and help each other out by posting matching odds in there. As Profit Accumulator’s oddsmatcher doesn’t find matching place odds, only matching winning odds, then it is helpful to let others know on the forum when you find a good place match, and vice versa. 



As I said at the start of this post, like most things, this requires practice, and with money at the other end of each time you practice, you should get a lot of it!

Please go to Profit Accumulator to find more information on the extra place bets. I guarantee you won’t regret it! 


1 Simple and Profitable Method – Blogging about your Hobby + Amazon Affiliates

1 Simple and Profitable Method – Blogging about your Hobby + Amazon Affiliates

1. Create a Blog

Start a blog from a niche that is ideally based on a hobby of yours. It’s better to make sure you’ve been interested in it for a while so that you’ve got plenty to write about. 

For your hosting provider, my favourite and the one with the best value (that I know of) is Bluehost from £6.95 per month.

For your blogging platform, choose WordPress, this is the most popular and flexible blogging platform with a huge variety of plugins the WordPress community has developed.

You can choose to work with a designer, or try to create the theme on your own. If you don’t want the headache of learning to code, there are drag and drop builders l recommend like Make and Beaver Builder. There are other drag and drop builders like Divi and X which are very good but you will never be able to change your theme if you go with these which can be a concern when you want to sell the blog when you’re bored of it. 

For designing your blog see How to Design a Blog in 2016.


2. Apply for Amazon Associates 

Find products for sale on Amazon related to your niche. 

This should be an easy task as Amazon sells just about EVERYTHING.

Join the Amazon associates program.amazonassociates

If you refer someone to the Amazon website, whatever they buy in the next year, you’ll get 4% of and if you earn a lot with their program you can climb up to 10%. Sure the percentage you make from an Amazon referral is a lot smaller than what you make from say a Clickbank sale. But Amazon has a lot more products available, and so they definitely convert.

You don’t even need to know how to sell. Amazon does all the work for you. You just have to have the products available. 


3. Write product reviews.

Write honest reviews about products related to your blog. Give the pros and cons and tell people where they can purchase the product if they are interested (hint: Amazon using your affiliate link.)


4. Write tutorials.

You can find tutorials around the internet related to your niche and if you like them, just learn them and rewrite the tutorial in your own words. It also helps to include information you’ve learned in the past that you think would spruce up this tutorial and make it stand out from the rest. Document the tutorial with a little creativity, taking photos of the affiliate product involved and provide the Amazon affiliate link. 

Hint: You can provide the affiliate link twice by including a ‘What You’ll Need’ box in the top right or left of your post. 


5. Write targeted blog posts

Write interesting articles with a focus on more specific detail. For example to start a fitness blog, you wouldn’t go for a post titled “How to Get Great Abs.” Many people have done this before, all these keywords and phrases are taken and so you’ll have to be more targeted with your articles.

You should try going for posts with a title like “What are the best types of food to eat before a jog?” This is more specific and it could be changed slightly by using a top ten foods instead, or meals, linking to various recipes (when linking to other blogs you should always @ the creator of the content in the hopes they’ll retweet/share the post so that you can hijack their audience count). The point is that it pays to be more specific as there is a lot less competition in the search listings.

At the end of the post you can make a little recommendation for Amazon  “My 3 Favourite Jogging Pants”, here you’ll suggest 3 jogging pants that can be purchased on Amazon. 

You can also just implement a selection of Amazon products into the blog, but when you make it personal to you and relevant to the blog post, it looks and feels more genuine. 



So that is a very simple way to make money blogging with Amazon Affiliates Program. Many times people get caught up in all the different and exciting ideas for a blog that there is no certain direction for it. So it is worth having everything planned out and and a clear objective so that you can be a successful affiliate of Amazon.

15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

10 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Knowing how to get more followers on Pinterest is an essential skill that the social media marketer needs to know in 2017. In the list below I have put together detailed research into how you can effectively get more Pinterest followers that will stay with you for the long-term. 


1. Only Pin things related to your niche

Make sure that potential followers see on your Pinterest the things they will want to see posted onto their Pinterest home page. You will see things occasionally that will have nothing to do with your niche, but they interest you nonetheless, what you must do is to resist pinning! If you have another personal Pinterest more suited to your other interests then Pin it to that, if you don’t, then make one! Your followers will only want to see what interested them in your pins in the first place. 


2. Be creative with your boards

Show off your creativity on your Pinterest, be proud of your Pin layout and arrangement of boards. Try to create interesting boards that are useful to potential followers. When thinking of a board to create, think of a collection of inspiring and useful things you would like to see yourself. More importantly, have a gander around Pinterest and collect some inspiration!



3. Edit your pin descriptions

Something that has been known to bring many bloggers success is to pin your blog posts like a note to self. Often the pin that they will come across will be on it’s own and will have to speak for itself. If a person has written a description that sounds like they highly value the link for the pin, then it seems authentic. Many successful pins come from descriptions that label it using exaggeration, such as ‘This is the best…’ or ‘LOVE this….’.


4. Venture further than Pinterest

If you stick on the Pinterest homepage just scrolling and recycling everything you see there, then you’re missing out. I noticed that when I pin something new, I get plenty more repins than if I just repin within Pinterest. 


5. Make images vertical and add text

This is essential for Pinterest, if you already have images for your blog, but they aren’t vertical, you’ll need to make new ones in order for your posts to be seen. If you don’t know how to make an eye-catching image for Pinterest, then try Canva, a graphic design tool that helps you easily build attractive and high-quality images for Pinterest. Make sure you put your website’s url address in the image, (usually at the bottom) so that they are aware of your brand. 


6. Join group boardsPinterest Group board

There are many group boards that grant you access to thousands of followers simply by requesting an invite from the board administrator. Pin is a great way of finding these boards and assessing how many followers/contributors they have prior to requesting an invite. You can also just follow other pinners and see what group boards they’ve joined. Pinterest has updated as of 2017 and the way to tell if a board is a group board is by looking at the circle enclosing images of multiple contributors. The instructions for requesting an invite from the administrator (the first image shown on the contributor list) are placed in the group board’s bio or their profile’s bio, it varies. 


7. Invite others to Pin to your boards

Inviting others to pin to your boards is an easy thing to start doing and if you select your contributors wisely, it could build a huge audience. What you need to remember as an administrator of the group board is to pin to it regularly so that the contributors will want to pin to an active board. 



8. Make your website’s Pinterest board the first one they see

This goes without saying really but it is an important one for businesses. As well as providing a neat preview of what you or the business is about, it also saves a lot of time as you can use this board as a base to share your pins out from.


9. Don’t scare away your followers

Getting followers is fun, but once you have them, you should try your best to keep them. And posting your website’s content all over their Pinterest homepage won’t go down well.

So as a rule, space your pins out and try for repinning 2-3 other posts every time you post from your own website.  


10. Try to Pin like your followers

You need to spend some time analysing the outcome of your pins so that you can see which do well and which don’t. You should keep in mind these things when assessing your Pins on Pinterest:

  • When do you get the most repins?
  • What types of titles do well?
  • How do your Pin descriptions affect repinning?
  • What kind of people are repinning your content?

This will help you to better target your followers, as you can find out when they spend time online, to find this out, we have to consider when our followers are sleeping, eating, working etc. 


11. Add a Pinterest profile widget to your website

By adding a Pinterest profile widget to your website you can display your pins neatly in your sidebar and thus get more followers on your Pinterest. 


12. Use the Pinterest phone app

Pinterest has recently made an update (2017) where you can pin much faster by swiping over the pin with your thumb to repin. Using your phone can make using Pinterest seem less of a chore, as you can easily implement a habit of spending 5 minutes scrolling and tapping on your phone into your daily routine. 


13. Comment on Popular Pins

Find popular pins in the popular section on Pinterest, assess which pins would be worth commenting on. Then proceed to make a meaningful and possibly helpful comment. If you can’t think of anything to write, what I tend to do is just leave a tab open and let it sit in my mind for a little while until something hits me. 


14. Mention others in your pin descriptions

The content you’re pinning will likely have a Pinterest profile that you can @ to in the pin description. This simple trick shouldn’t be underestimated as what you can do is compliment the creator of the content behind the pin. People love getting appreciated for their efforts and if they have the time, they should be obliged to thank you for it in some way, either by a follow, a repin or a mention back at you. 


15. Pin a lot!

Pin a lot! This method works as your followers want to see you as a valuable pinner who provides fresh content for their boards and followers. That being said, you should try to keep your content of high quality, rather than pinning anything you see that is related to your niche excessively.  



And there we have it! A list that includes every possible way to get more followers on Pinterest. 

Please share with your friends and family for more Pinterest followers all round!

How to Promote and Sell any Item in Multiple Facebook Groups with Octosuite

How to Promote and Sell any Item in Multiple Facebook Groups with Octosuite

Knowing how to promote your domain auction or any item for sale on the Internet is an important modern day skill. One method I have found to successfully promote something on Facebook is through posting to multiple groups that have a large number of members. The key part to this success is ensuring the Facebook groups relate to what you’re posting, they have to be genuinely interested in whatever you’re promoting. Octosuite-review

The marketing strategy involves making posting in multiple Facebook groups completely automated, by using a plugin that handles Facebooks API, the plugin that we’re going to talk about is Octosuite. 

Octosuite comes with many uses and is an impressive application, it gives you the tools for building an audience, automating posting and promoting a product. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Octosuite effectively and how to market a business with very little effort. 

For the purposes of demonstration I will be promoting one of my domain auctions using Octosuite. 


How to promote a domain auction with Octosuite

Octosuite’s Home Screen:

Octosuite Homescreen

First, you’ll want to join the Facebook groups, so click on Join Groups. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

So try searching for some keywords that might be used in the titles of the groups you’re looking to join. Search and then ‘select all’ and ‘mass join’. You can keep scrolling further and further down until you’ve selected enough. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

Now you might need to wait a few days in order to be added by the admins to some of the Facebook groups. Patience is key. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

After they’ve accepted you, you’ll need to create a category for them, reconnect your Facebook account to update the app. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Here are some of my groups that I’ve gathered up in Octosuite. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster 

So to create a post, on the left menu click Post & Schedule and on the dropdown menu click Post.

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

We’re then taken to the post template, choose the Groups option and select which Group of Groups you want to post to. Then we type a description, if its a domain or any other kind of sale, make it sound like the viewer needs the item or shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Provide a link and set the posting to delay by 30 seconds or however long you wish. This is to stop Facebook from blocking your spammy behaviour. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please note: It is advised to not post to more than 30 groups a day to keep from getting blocked. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

You will then have to generate a token to access Facebook’s API in order to post, so follow the instructions. 

After that you can go ahead and click Post again. Then you can go and make a coffee or whatever, it is doing it all for you to save you lots of time. 

And there we have it, you have successfully mass-posted and promoted an item on Facebook. When timed well (study your audience – when are they online?), you can target your audience more effectively. 

Access Octosuite below:

Click Here for the basic Ocean Edition which gives you the all the basic features.

It also has a useful addon for Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin syndication – Click Here

And an impressive affiliate link cloaker add on – Click Here


Domain flipping: How to find and buy an expired domain, give it a website and sell it for big money.

Domain flipping: How to find and buy an expired domain, give it a website and sell it for big money.

Creating a website is easier today than ever before. With drag and drop builders and the ability to create templates, anyone can do it and do it fast, no web developing skills necessary, all you have to do is read a little and make some observations and chip away at it. Or if you have the money, pay someone to make one, or you could purchase a ready-made one and make some additional adjustments. But we’re going to be focusing on expired domains. 

Buying an expired domain is a fool-proof way of getting ahead and beating the competition in Google. Domains are expired because the owner didn’t renew its registration and so it is automatically put up for auction. 

Flipping websites is a popular side business for the entrepreneur as some can go for tens of thousands. It also works as an option for when you have a website that you think isn’t working out well or earning as much as you expected, so rather than throwing it away, try selling it! 

There are many people who buy ready-made websites with the idea of making money. These people prefer not to waste the time and effort of having to set the website up, so they buy them ready to go instead. 

So, without further ado, let us take a look at how we can buy an expired domain, give it a website and make big money selling it. 


Buying a domain

The reason I recommend buying an expired domain is because you can find high-value domains expiring for often a very cheap price. 

A lot of these domains are high value because they already have backlinks in place. Backlinks are where other websites have provided a link for the website which enhances its credibility with Google. As a result, the website will have a better chance at showing up in the search listings. 

Extra tip: You can also use an expired domain to create a 301 redirect to your site, boosting your authority in Google. 


Where to find expired domains: 

We are going to use one website to look for an expired domain, this is

This website works as a meta search, rounding up all the expired domains found on the internet. 

As of 2016, they currently have 75,951,357 domains, which are separated into 84 different lists to search under. 

As that’s a hell of a lot to search through, so I advise starting with deleted domains and Godaddy auctions as these are the most popular. 


Which search filters to use:

The vast amount of domains in each section means we have to use the search filter to narrow it down to showing domains of higher quality first. 

We choose the Only With a DMOZ Entry option because it filters out the spammy websites. You can trust it’s of some quality when it’s filtered under DMOZ. 

You’ll also want to check the options No Fake PR and Unsure PR. PR means Page Ranking, we tick these options to filter out the domains that have fake or manipulated page rankings. 

You’ll also want to sort the search results by the number of DP which stands for Domain Pop. This rates deleted domains by the amount of linking root domains. Choosing this option rather than BL (backlink) means we get more root domain links instead of domains with backlinks from various pages on a website.  

Now the fun part begins, where the chase happens from 6pm till 10pm the domains are added, but you can also see soon to be expired domains here.


Here are some factors to keep in mind when determining the value to a domain:

  • How aged the domain is – this can give a domain authority amongst other new domains.
  • How brandable the domain is – domains that have a small bunch of letters and numbers in any order are surprisingly very valuable and highly brandable. When choosing these try to keep it to 3-4 characters long. 
  • Does the domain include a keyword from a chosen niche? 
  • Whether you have a niche in mind or are open to any niche, remember to look for certain key search terms within that niche as this is good for beating competitors in search listings like Google. 

It is important to know which types of domains will do well with SEO, so these keep these pointers in mind when you are browsing for a domain.


Turning a domain into a website

I recommend just browsing and letting the ideas come when you see a certain domain you like the look of. 

There are a few directions we can take, these include:

  1. An eCommerce Store – This is an option that Shopify makes easy to do with their bulk uploading methods (CSV), their add-ons like loyalty cards/memberships and you can guarantee a sell in their forums. 
  2. A Directory – This option can be done through simply collecting information on a number of things and creating a menu. You could pay someone on Fiverr to research the information for you and put them into an excel sheet.
  3. A Product – If you have thought of an amazing product and want to make a website to promote it, then you can have a go at doing it yourself either from scratch, or a template (go for the template). Or you could pay someone to do the whole lot! Even make the product! Please note that you’d also be giving away the license to your amazing product if you sell the website. 
  4. A Blog – Starter blogs sell, but you’d do well to get a couple hundred for them, depending on your audience count and social media presence. If you’re starting a blog, then go with WordPress.


Purchasing Hosting:

The cheapest hosting you can get is Bluehost from $6.95 per month, to try it out once, but if you think you’ll get into this domain flipping business with multiple websites, then you can go for unlimited hosting from $8.95 per month. This is the cheapest I have found and is high value because it includes unlimited email accounts, which has made me switch from 123-Reg to Bluehost’s $8.95 option.

If you are opening a Shopify Store then you don’t need to purchase any hosting. 


Starting up your website:

If you’ve chosen Bluehost, then go on the control panel and select WordPress. 

This is where we station our blog. If you don’t know about WordPress, it has a humongous community and millions of themes and plugin integrations to choose from. And it’s very easy to get the hang of.

For our theme, we will be using one of the only two drag and drop themes that allow for website migration. These are:

1. Make

2. Beaver Builder


If you chose Shopify, then you can keep things very simple and just upload a logo and some graphics. Shopify make it very easy to get started and you can navigate quite easily around their website. 





Find a colour theme, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. 

A great resource I found recently is ColourLovers.

Just make observations on what you’ve seen on other blogs within your niche. ‘Good artists borrow, great artists steal’ is a quote I think of from time to time.


Finding a logo

There are many logo designers offering affordable prices on Fiverr. 

For higher quality work, have a look at Designcrowd.

For some completely free logos:

Create around 10 posts and categorise them. 

If you don’t want to write them, provides high quality ghost writing. And also has a lot of people offering original posts.


Create your sales pitch: 

Highlight in bold the most important and tempting information. 

Write bullet points. 

Find everything that’s good about the domain and embellish it. 

Talk about other related websites or keywords that have a high search count or have been sold for a high amount. 

Make a prediction of the websites potential, reveal it’s amount of backlinks. 


Where to sell your website: 

Flippa is the most widely used domain and website auctioning platform. It’s easy to set up an auction and charges $9 for one auction, with 1 free if it doesn’t sell. You can also invest $99 to put the listing on the front page, though this isn’t essential, it will boost attention dramatically. 

Hint: Don’t set a reserve, your website will receive very little attention if you do set a reserve. The secret is that you need to gather attention from the very beginning otherwise it will remain dormant in the listings. Only the most active listings get seen. 

If you made your website with Shopify, then post it in their forum here.


How to transfer your website:

With WordPress, you can migrate the database to another domain easily with the Duplicator plugin. There are many tutorials that show you step by step how to do this, here is one I found:

Copy & migrate WordPress sites with the Duplicator plugin

You can also do this manually in the cpanel which doesn’t take up much time. Click here for a great tutorial from Flippa.

So there we have it, a method that doesn’t take too long, just a little dedication. It is possible for anyone to do this no matter how much technical knowledge you might have, and it doesn’t have to cost too much either, so please do have a go and enjoy the process!


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