Secrets in Facebook Advertising – Learn to target your markets with Facebook Precision

Secrets in Facebook Advertising – Learn to target your markets with Facebook Precision

Facebook is the number 1 leading social community online. With over 300 million users it works as an extremely useful tool for increasing your exposure in order to get your product or message noticed by a huge customer count. The best thing about advertising with Facebook, is the flexibility of your advertisements.

The advertisements have an endless amount of customizations to choose from, where you can target specific groups based on the information in their profile and their activity they have conducted in the past. Yep, that means Facebook makes most of its money through advertising, so of course, it wants to get better at it and so they track your every move!

Though it may sound bad, if the customer has interest in a particular subject, naturally, they will want to find out about more products related to that subject, which means, really the advertiser and Facebook is providing a great service.

So if your product is targeting pet owners, you could produce an advertisement that only appears for the people who have indicated to Facebook that they are pet owners, or who have demonstrated interest in similar products or services based on their personal profile, communities or groups they’ve joined, or other advertisements they’ve responded to.

Let’s get started!Facebook Advertising Options



Creating Targeted Advertisements

To create the most eye-catching and enticing adverts you will need to render the Facebook option to tailor advertisements and aim directly at your target market. Setting up your Facebook ads so that they appear only to specific people is easy, we just have a list to choose from, which is based on age, location, gender, hobbies, interests, hobbies or even based on the groups they have joined within the Facebook community.

Facebook Advertising Options

You should conduct market research in order to know that you can accurately identify with your target market and develop advertisements that target specific segments of your market.

As you can see in the images below the niches can get quite specific.

Facebook Advertising Options

Facebook Advertising Options

Facebook uses a quality control system in order to develop more trustworthy advertisements that stand out in the marketplace, helping to persuade visitors to click your link.

You should also note that your adverts are triggered automatically to appear based on your settings and will not appear in on-site searches. are triggered automatically Also keep in mind that Facebook advertising is based on display, rather than search.

Facebook’s quality supervision also means that advertisements can be rated, liked and commented on to keep up standards of quality advertising.


How to Increase Your Click Through Rate

The click through rate is important in that it saves you money as well as promoting your item further to potential visitors.

Make sure to examine your click through rate and determine which advertisement settings work best for you by comparing their CTR results. If the number drops too low, then it is at risk of being either paused or removed by Facebook, so you really want to pay attention to its click through rate.

As a rule, make sure your adverts always stay above a 2% conversion rate.

Like SEO, a click through rate works better when you’re advertisement is targeted at people with very specific attributes.

Its best to make your ad only appear to your target demographic, so make sure that the content or images relate to the chosen audience.

Make sure you time your ads correctly, researching when the audience are most likely to be online. You can have advertisements which run all day, or schedule them to only display at specific times and dates. The target market may also spend more time online at certain parts of the day.


Keep within Facebook Guidelines

You should keep in mind the terms and conditions of advertising with Facebook, knowing exactly what is allowed and against the rules.

Aside from using text or images that can be deemed offensive, Facebook is very flexible with their advertising.


Setting a maximum daily bid

The general rule is, the higher your daily bid, the better the exposure of your advertisement. You are given an estimated number of people your advert will be shown to, on both Facebook and Instagram.

It is advised that you begin with low bids if you’re new to Facebook advertising. Then you can start to slowly increase your maximum daily bid as you fine-tune your advertisements for optimum results.

It’s important to always keep a pulse on how well your advertisement is converting, so that you can improve click through rates and overall response.

Facebook suggests a maximum bid based on the target market settings. I advise setting a maximum bid a bit lower than the recommended amount, then gradually increasing the advertisements conversion rates so you get the most value for your money.


Cost Per Click or Cost Per View

There are two ways we can pay for our advertisements on Facebook. We can either pay for the number of clicks on the advert or the amount of impressions (how many people the advert is shown to).
When one is just starting out with Facebook advertising, it is more important to get click conversions rather than views, especially if you have a product to sell or a website to promote. Whereas if you are brand and want recognition with your chosen audience, it is a good idea to go with cost per impression.

Whichever you choose it is possible to change the settings at any time if you want to test out which works best for you.

For more tips, I learned the most about Facebook advertising using Facebook Ads Launchpad which is a course that provides some useful advice, I definitely saw a rise in my conversions with their help. 


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