5 Blogging Tips for Success + SEO Secrets Revealed, How to Make Google Love You.

5 Blogging Tips for Success + SEO Secrets Revealed, How to Make Google Love You.

If you are new to blogging and want it all to go smoothly, or if you’ve been a blogger for a while now and you aren’t getting the results you expected, then this post is for you.

During my experience as a beginner blogger I came across many pitfalls and noticed what really holds you back from blogging successfully, so I decided to make a list of possible mistakes the beginner blogger makes.

So here are my 5 Tips On How To Be a Successful Blogger.

1. Don’t Dive in at the Deep End

It can be exciting when you first start your blog, and it can be tempting to get it up and going as soon as you can, but when we rush into things, we tend to make mistakes.

It is better to take time over each decision you’re making, for example, with design, like choosing a certain font, if you change your mind (like I did) and have too much content, that means a lot of laborious editing.

Also when starting a blog it is important to keep generating new ideas and conduct research for posts, but it is important to keep a good balance between input and output. This is why a blogging schedule is important for keeping to deadlines.

2. Stay focused

Creating a successful blog requires finding and maintaining a focus for your blog . Your ‘niche’ should ideally be your interests, something you have spent time learning about and therefore have no problem writing about it. The main idea here is that you are supposed to enjoy blogging, not loathe it.

If you are expecting your blog to be read by thousands in your first month, you’re mistaken. Blogging is a lengthy process and it takes months for readers to start engaging, although it does depend how well you market it.

This shouldn’t be a rushed job, what will take you further in the long run is quality, polished content.

3. Do your research

With that said, you should find the process of starting a blog about something you love easy, and have no problem with researching about your subject.

Make sure that when you’re reading about your interest on websites or researching for a blog post, you have a look at the blog’s layout, its graphics and what makes it stand out.

Be inspired by your competitor blog’s techniques and ideas for attracting their audiences, but don’t be a carbon copy – see if you can bring something new to the game.

Also take time to figure out which writing style suits your blog best, whether its informative, formal or chatty, etc. You may or may not want to feature your name in your blog, as it depends on the type of content you write and if you’re concerned about your privacy.


4. No copying and pasting!

If you find content that you love and would like to include it in a blog post, make sure to use quotes and give credit where it is due. Some bloggers appreciate a mention on your site, as it helps them to reach a broader audience (and climb up the search listings).

Paraphrasing is fine as long as you do it in a way that is unique to your own style, simply using a thesaurus isn’t enough, you have to put some personality in there, but try to stay out of cheeseville.

5. Your reader is your new best friend- Don’t ignore them!

Your best friend will openly criticize you in the comments section, they will scrutinize each mistake and you have to answer to it. Your new best friend will also say nice things on occasion, engage in meaningful conversation and even provide helpful tips.

Your new best friend will also leave a comment to promote their blog on your blog, and you can do the same on their blog, an I scratch your back you scratch mine situation.

Unfortunately we’ll always have to deal with people who have differing points of view, and so we must learn to cautiously let them know that they’re wrong and stupid for thinking that.

Not really! You must always be polite and thank them for reading and commenting. You should reply with whatever is appropriate and avoid a debate, but if you must retort, keep it short and never get personal.


Realistically, creating a successful blog depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, and for that reason you should find something you enjoy researching and writing about.


SEO Secret Revealed:

How to make Google love you

A blogging tip that will bring you success with climbing Google’s search listings is:

In the first 1-2 months of starting your blog, be a blogging maniac, write and publish as many new posts as often as you can. Publishing a post every two days along with writing SEO configured content should get you high up in the search listings.

Create And Publish Your Own Ebook For Free in 7 Steps – The Ultimate Recurring Income

Create And Publish Your Own Ebook For Free in 7 Steps – The Ultimate Recurring Income

Publishing an ebook is not as hard as you might have thought, nor as expensive. Ebooks have been around for a while now, they’ve been tried and tested as a profitable idea, and they still prove to be as successful as they were in the beginning. Don’t go thinking this task is hard going like I once did, because it really isn’t, and it doesn’t have to cost anything either. I’m going to show you how to create an ebook for free through the use of many easily accessible programs.

Feeling uninspired? All that is needed for your inspiration is an interest in something, that way, you’ll enjoy writing about it and those words will come pouring out. Making a desirable eBook requires using non-fiction, educational content, so it is also good to write about something you already know a lot about or want to learn. Getting information for your subject is the easiest part, as there are hundreds of websites out there competing to publish the best content on the Internet. All you need to do is recycle some content and put your own spin on it.  An eBook can bring in money for many years to come, and it could also turn out to be a best seller! Also if you have a blog then it could also work as a great giveaway for your blog. I guarantee that once you’ve made your first one, it will become much easier.

This step by step hassle-free tutorial should put you at ease when it comes to making your own ebook and publishing it. The HTML method is for adding your ebook straight to your site, if you don’t want to dabble with HTML you can use a PDF.


Step 1. Choose where to write it:

For PDF: Open Word (2010+) or free alternative- Open Office, Powerpoint, InDesign, and Google Docs. You can also convert any document to a PDF using createpdf.adobe.com

For HTML: Open a HTML editor (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc); if you don’t have one, just go to search engine and type, “free online editor WYSIWYG”.

You could also use Flipbook, which is a drag and drop HTML eBook creator which has many templates to choose from and fun sound effects for turning the pages.


Step 2. Design:

Make sure to keep the design simple and with the main focus on the text, make it padded with even spacing. Use images which you can get for free at Pixabay, they just ask for a coffee every once in a while, which you can ignore, or be a pal and buy them one.

Powerpoint offers a selection of templates for free that you can work with. Make necessary amendments to the font and colour range. Powerpoint-templates

Try to include hyperlinks (like affiliate links) by clicking on the text, then go to edit and insert Hyperlink.

For PDF: Once finished, click Save as and choose PDF then save your file. You can convert your PDF file to EPUB using Zamzar.

For HTML: If you are new to web design it is better to create a single page, but if you’re more advanced you can create multiple pages and link them to each other, which you can also do in Flipbook.

Once finished, save it to a specific folder. To turn the HTML into a PDF go to createpdf.adobe.com


Step 3. Compile your ebook:

Compile all files into an ebook using an ebook compiler. Go to ebookcompilers.com. Download and install the ebook compiler into your computer.

Spadix Software is also a free alternative.

You can also use Scrivener’s all-in-one function to write and compile the ebook for you, it has a 30 day free trial of actual use, so if you were to use it 2 days a week it would last you 15 weeks.


Step 4. Follow ebook compile instructions and save:

Open the ebook compiler, install the file and check that everything is there, then follow the instructions provided until export.


Step 5. Convert to a zip file:Compress Zip file mac

Right click and select compress then change name accordingly, or go to www.winzip.com, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and create a new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it.

Step 6. Upload to a website:

Upload the zip file manually or via FTP to your server. If you do not have a server then you can sign up for free website hosting by searching in Google.


Step 7. Publish your ebook!

There are many places on the internet to advertise your ebook for download, such as an ebook directory or if you are offering your ebook for free, try the freebie directory. To find more places to promote your ebook, type ‘free ebook directory into a search engine, or you can submit it to www.download.com. Another good place to promote your ebook is www.upload.com as they receive high traffic each week.

There we have it! Your very own ebook, and it wasn’t too hard now was it? The power of ebooks is now in your hands, do with it what you will and don’t take it for granted! Some extra tips:

  • Avoid using a bold colours, like red as it tends to look spammy.
  • Use a font that is well known and easy to read, nothing too fancy.
  • Make it look attractive to the person deciding to purchase, if targeting a specific audience, tell them what they want to know. 


Good luck! And please share this article with your friends and family so that they can hop on this money making bandwagon!

If you want to know how to make your eBook a bestseller in 5 days on Amazon, click this link: iq-profit.com/how-to-make-your-amazon-kindle-ebook-a-best-seller-in-just-5-days/


3 Ways Blogging can Boost your Business

3 Ways Blogging can Boost your Business

Blogging for your business will attract more visitors and give substance to your brand. Despite working hard to build the business, it will not be as much of a success if you miss out on this opportunity.

Today, more and more businesses are getting ahead of the competition all because of blogging. Gone are the days when blogging just meant writing a Dear Diary post on the Internet. Blogs can be about anything at all, with both objective and subjective styles of writing.

A blog will help to increase sales and the post can also be specifically about the product. You can also promote your business through other people’s blogs, this is one of the best online methods to boost your business. Rather than having your own blog to create and keep updating, you can create a post for different blogs which already have great exposure.

I recommend that you look for blogs that cater to the same niche your business provides for. It won’t be hard to get started, as there are millions of blogs to choose from.


Three Ways Blogging for Business Brings Success

1. Quick Brand Recognition

Marketing your business to the correct target customer base is vital to your success. If you’re writing for another person’s blog, you should try to post interesting, useful information and keep the subject matter tied closely to your company’s products. It is best to avoid promoting the shop too much as it can alienate the reader with advertising.

If you aren’t able to feature directly on a blog, it is useful to add a comment and provide a signature mentioning your businesses website, which is a subtle way of attracting attention. By doing these small things, they can make a big impact when it comes to spreading awareness of your brand. It is also quite a quick way to get started which doesn’t have to take up too much time, up to 1 hour a day will suffice.

2. Consumer Reviews

One popular way businesses advertise is by hiring a blogger to write a review of their product. This method takes the least amount of time and provides the product with a ready-made audience.

Simply search for bloggers who write about the same niche as your product and contact them using details they supply on their website. It is better to use ones who have written about products in the past as they will most likely want to write for you. Another option is to advertise your product through a site that consists only of product reviews.

3. Building Relationships

Networking online has never been so easy, and a successful business owner should know that helping hands are extremely beneficial. We can network easily in the blogging community, but if you do blog regularly and care for the appearance of your business, bloggers will be more willing to work with you. There are already many established relationships in the blogging community, and one relationship may lead onto another.

Communication is the key, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. It also doesn’t have to cost money, some bloggers will offer to swap advertising space for no fee at all. Bloggers are very useful for businesses and can provide a decent percentage of profit. Once your business has worked with one blog, you will have the experience to make you a trusted partner for any future blog feature requests.


Four Ways to Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

Four Ways to Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

If you are new to blogging, what might come to mind when one thinks of blogging is a type of online personal diary, but a blog can be about anything at all, there are personal blogs, or there are blogs about a particular niche that the writer enjoys talking about.

What is certain is that blogs are the most accessible method online to share your thoughts with others on the internet. It can also be used by businesses who want to increase profits by making their website more interesting and about more than just selling to a customer.

There are many websites out there which provide blog hosting, such as WordPress, Blogspot etc. But if you want your website traffic to take your appearance more seriously, it is recommended that you spend a small amount on a domain hosting. It can be done inexpensively and hassle-free when done with the blog hosting providers.

So many people have now witnessed the potential of blogging and are jumping on the bandwagon. With a recent rise in competition, it is now absolutely vital to know what will make visitors choose to spend time with your blog over other blogs. This post gives you four methods showing you how to attract visitors to your blog and how to trump other blogs by making yours stand out.


Rule Number 1:

Keep the blog updated

Keeping your blog updated with fresh new content on a regular basis will increase traffic and attract return visitors to your site. This is how we keep our website relevant, to increase its liklihood of showing in search results through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Google.

It is also true that when you show devotion to your readers, they tend to show it back. There are some blogs which update several times a day. If updating this regularly is too much to take on, you can write a very short post that is simply about a product or video relevant to the website. You can also keep readers engaged by updating the social media outlets with interesting posts. Trivia games and polls are also another great way to engage readers.


Rule Number 2:

Contribute to online Communities

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, then do not neglect the power of manually contributing to online communities and discussion forums. In order to drive as much website traffic as you can you will be mentioning your blog wherever possible. Because it comes across as personal, it will increase trust and entice the reader to check out your website.

It is also very beneficial to post in the comments section of other blogs relevant to your niche. You can also be loyal to the blogs of other writers and ask them to visit your site. It doesn’t have to be anything too specific, just a compliment of their work will do, then leave your link and invite them to your website.


Rule Number 3:

Understand your Readers

Knowledge really is power, to provide the readers with what they like will make them value your information and want more. This is why it is easier and more beneficial to write about what we enjoy, as we will have similar interests to our readers. And so the more you know yourself the more you know your visitors.

Targeted traffic helps us to reach a special amount of visitors that will be more loyal to your content as it is catered towards them. It is important to note that the readers will be interested in what first attracted them to the blog.

Think about some things that you would love to find out about your subject, write about what you would want to read about. You can also know your readers better through including a comments section as a place for them to leave you feedback.


Rule Number 4:

Using keywords for SEO

The use of keywords and knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will increase blog traffic dramatically. The SEO system is very easy to understand, all you have to do is include words or phrases in your blog that people are likely to search for through a search engine like Google.

The SEO is the process of how the search engine picks your blog to appear in the results list. To research what keywords you should use, sign up to adwords to get statistics like how many people search for the term monthly and also find related keywords. You can also check the amount of results generated in Google itself, for example:

You can also use Google Adwords to research for phrases to use or related phrases.



And thats it! By using these methods along with social media marketing and writing in forums, you should be on your way to attracting more followers to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing Explained and 5 Steps to Get Started

Affiliate Marketing Explained and 5 Steps to Get Started

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable money making methods on the internet. The industry of affiliate marketing is growing faster now than ever. Its rise in popularity is mostly because of its money making potential for both the supplier and advertiser, creating a win-win result.


Becoming an affiliate marketer requires only two things:

1. Access to an audience

2. A little creativity


You will be advertising products and getting paid on a the basis of commissions. Because there are so many products out there, what you choose to promote will also effect how much you will be paid. If you already own a blog with a niche, then look for products offering affiliate commissions within that niche.


Step 1: Create a Website

To effectively market the products, a website is essential in attracting the visitor to the purchase button. The more professional a website looks, the more likely a visitor will make a purchase. So ensure that the website is easy to navigate, attractive and slick. What really motivates a visitor to make a purchase is including an interesting article with or about the affiliate product.


Step 2: Locate Relevant Products

When researching which products to promote, we have to assess whether these products will sell or not. We must consider if there is a demand for this particular item. So it is important to keep on top of trends. Analytics for trends can be found on google.com/trends/


Step 3: Test the Products

As a serious affiliate marketer you will be evaluating the outcomes of each product. You should know if the advertising of the product is costing you more money than the product is earning you.


Step 4: Earn lots of money!


Step 5: Branch out

Now that you are an established affiliate marketer, making substantial amount of money, thinking of more methods to market affiliate products should be your next project, as you’re now well aware how well the system works!


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