How this person earns £10,000 per month selling Amazon Kindle eBooks

How this person earns £10,000 per month selling Amazon Kindle eBooks

The main reason why many have found great success from authoring an Amazon Kindle eBook is that little marketing has to be done. After the initial take off with Amazon’s KDP service and $3 spent on 5 star reviews, the website works for you. 

This can work as a highly lucrative passive income scheme that needs very little expertise. You don’t even need a grasp on the English language as you’d be surprised by just how many Kindle authors use ghost writers to write eBooks. 

In the article ‘The Underground World of Kindle eBooks’ on the website we learn how a Kindle author who pays $5 for his eBook cover, $150 for the ghost writer (from the Philippines) and $3 per positive review earns $1000 per month per ebook. They send the ghostwriter a 2000 word outline and within 1 week they get back over 20,000 words, which take just 1 more week to edit and the job is pretty much done. With multiple eBooks up for sale, all at under $1 each, he is now earning $10,000+ a month. 

He has conjured up a great method for researching into ideas for content for writing best selling eBooks shown in the image below:

Yes it can a bit shady on Amazon where people make money out of paying others to write often badly written eBooks. These are most likely to be self-help books based on PLR content or a reworking of content found around the web. Although if you’re thinking of a faster route to just repost the PLR content as it is, Amazon state they know how to spot any duplicate material and it could get you banned. So creating your own material is a better idea. 

And if you don’t have a grasp on the English language, you should definitely pay someone who does to edit the eBook for you. 


How to make your eBook a best seller on Amazon

This article of someone making a photo of their foot top the Amazon best seller list, when it isn’t even an eBook is proof it can be done. It made best seller of the category, which gives credibility to a new item under the KDP service. So in order to make your Kindle take off, from our research the majority of success cases will do the following: 

  1. Use Amazon Kindles KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Service, offer it for free for the first 5 days. 
  2. Set a low price for it – between 77p and £1.20.
  3. Build up reviews while it is free. 

If you have family and friends who are willing to review your book then you could give them the review to copy and paste from their Amazon account. Reviews can also be bought for a small price, on Fiverr or through advertising on Craigslist/Gumtree for a content writer.

The possibilities for content are endless, you can easily be a best selling author.

According to daily sales data from 2016 which tested a million Amazon Kindle eBooks,

  • Nearly every single Kindle book selling 1 or more copy per day. (98.5% of them)
  • 90% of all Kindle titles selling at least 2-3 copies a week
  • 81% of all Kindle titles selling 1 or more copy a week
  • 64% of all Kindle titles selling 2 or more copies a month
  • 32% of all Kindle titles listed in the Amazon US Kindle store.

Want to endulge in your interests? Write about them!

Richard Feynmen was a Nobel prize-winning physicist who was also known as the great explainer. He is quoted for saying, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” He was known for explaining complex ideas in physics in a series of lectures to the general public, making them able to understand at the same rate as his students.

Richard Feynmen, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist

Learning about something in order to try to explain it in this simple way is a successful method for learning, as by implementing a more active way of learning, you actually retain the information a lot better. I’m currently practising watercolour painting, and am recording my process as I go, writing about the techniques I’m learning and scanning images of my paintings. This gradual way of writing whilst learning about the hobby takes longer but ensures a higher quality eBook and is learning with a purpose, which is to teach others. Also, if you carry your hobby on into the future, you can keep writing content and publish it on a blog. You own your writing and can dispense with it usefully in a variety of ways. 


Create your eBook through learning thoroughly about a subject of your interest

We know from ourselves that we tend to take our hobbies seriously, we have a sort of dedication to them as they’re what make us interesting.. And so there are millions of people with your hobby, many of whom love the convenience of the kindle, who are willing to spend 0.99p on an eBook that holds useful knowledge about their favourite way to pass the time. 

If you’d also, or instead would like to try writing fiction, you should feel comforted by the many creative writers who have struck gold without the need of a publisher or marketer. This includes:

Oliver Pötzsch, Amanda Hocking, Joe Konrath, John Locke, HP Mallory, Stephen Leather.

For marketing your eBook, you can give it a boost with services on Fiverr, there are people who run high-traffic blogs who will feature your eBook on their website for a period of time just $5. 



So as you can see, with Amazon KDP it is possible to get your eBook selling quickly and leave it as a passive income for years to come. It is worth it, and the idea can be adapted easily to fit any Kindle type content. To know how to effectively market your eBook to reach number one on the best seller list then visit our previous post in the eBook category, How to Make Your Amazon Kindle eBook a Best Seller in Just 5 Days

How to Make Your Amazon Kindle eBook a Best Seller in Just 5 Days

How to Make Your Amazon Kindle eBook a Best Seller in Just 5 Days

Being the creator of an eBook grants you the power to promote and sell your own content. An eBook can be a powerful tool, and when used correctly, is a great way to bring in some steady recurring income.

When I created my first eBook, it felt like a huge accomplishment, something I could finally put my name on and do with what I pleased.

Anyone can create an eBook, you don’t have to be a literary genius, just a decent grasp of the English language and a spell/grammar checker will do.

An eBook isn’t an earn cash fast scheme, it is something to be slowly chipped away at over time. Imagine the potential of making one eBook every month?

It is important to have realistic ambitions, setting a goal of 1 hour of writing every 2-3 days would make sufficient progress.


How to Promote your eBook Successfully on Amazon

I have come across many articles from people claiming they can tell you what it takes to make it to number 1 on the Amazon bestsellers eBook list. After reading a little further down these posts they tell you they can make £1000 or so in the first week and never mention the exciting statement from the start in their post again. But £1000 in the first week is a more realistic outcome that we are going to aim for.

To get your ebook noticed and ranked as popular in Amazon, in the first few days you must offer it for free.

We do this through the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program.

Research from Digital Book Today tells us that the best days to do a free eBook promotion on Amazon are Sundays and Mondays.


Prior to these days, or on the day I recommend you ask your family and friends to review your eBook for you, this is sure to give it more attention.

Now you need to promote the eBook like crazy while its free, as this will definitely entice a customer to download your content. In doing so we will rack up ratings and boost its overall popularity.


Here are some popular websites where we can promote free kindle books:

  1. Author Marketing Club – A directory of easy to fill out forms.
  2. Snickslist
  3. Addicted to ebooks
  5. Pixel of Ink
  6. Bargain Book Hunter
  7. EReader News Today
  8. Free Booksy
  9. Free Book Dude
  10. Ebook Lister
  11. Free Books Hub
  12. Frugal Freebies
  13. Hundred Zeros
  14. Totally Free Stuff
  15. Reddit (relevant forums and freebies forums)
  16. BlackHatForum
  17. OzBargain (- Must use an australian IP address)
  18. FatWallet
  19. SlickDeals
  20. I Crave Freebies

Promote on Social Media

Prior to the freebie promotion, you’ll want to prepare your social media.

Facebook groups

Find as many groups as you can which offer ‘freebies’ or ‘free ebooks’ and such in the title, and request to join them. You can use a Facebook mass group joiner and post scheduling tool like Octosuite to make the process a lot easier.

Here are a few Facebook groups to get started with:

Twitter Handles

Do your hashtag # research that is relevant to your ebook. Here are some to start off with: #Amazon #eBook #KPD (Kindle Publishing Direct) #FreeKindleReads #BookBuzzr #BookMarketing #Kindle #KindleBargain #BookGiveaway #WLCFreeToday

Find Twitter users who you think will be willing to promote your ebook, note their names down to @ them when you start to promote the free ebook. Choose people relevant to your niche, ebook promoters or anyone who promotes free stuff.


Here are some twitter users we can give an @ to:

@freebookclub1 @kindlestuff @KindleDaily @ibdbookoftheday @Booksontheknob @CheapKindleDly @digitalinktoday @kindle_free @Kindle_promo @bookbub @freeebooksdaily @zilchebooks @freedailybooks @fkbt  @Bookyrnextread @DigitalBkToday @free @freebookdude @4FreeKindleBook @IndAuthorSucess @IndieKindle @KindleFreeBook

Pricing your eBook

After 5 days of a free promotion, you should have gained popularity and some nice ratings (depending on your content).

Bestselling eBooks have a price range between £0.75 and £6.95.

I recommend £2.99 as an affordable price to pay, but it’s up to you.

To Sum up

If you’re thinking of publishing and selling a kindle eBook through Amazon, you should always do it through the KDP Select service first as it will get your eBook noticed and rated.

When the five days are over, its popularity during the 5 free days should have propelled it into the top most popular kindle eBooks on Amazon.

How to Create a Stylish Animated eBook using Flipsnack

How to Create a Stylish Animated eBook using Flipsnack



Creating an eBook can seem like a hefty and tiresome job, putting all the information and images together piece by piece can prove to be quite time consuming.


But we can make the process much easier with Flipsnack, a html5 flipbook creator that enables you to create a flipbook online from a pdf or from scratch.


This article will show you all the magical tools involved in creating a beautifully designed HTML5 Flipsnack book.




First, lets have a look at the pretty shiny texture effect Flipsnack uses with its ebooks:

Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
The Self-Discovery Guide Flipsnack Example

You can have a look at it in action here.


Flipsnack uses html coding to create the ebook, which means your ebook works the same way as a website, so you can include buttons for a certain function. Take a look at what buttons you can implement:

Here are some other HTML tools we can implement:


The great thing about using Flipsnack is that you can press duplicate eBook button which enables you to use the same layout for a different eBook.


Why is this function so useful?


Well when you take in to account your specific niche, we know that we can use the same images, the same design, advertisements, layout and branding on most of your pages in the flipbook.


This means that all you need to change is the content and a few small maneuvers with images but for the most part, with Flipsnack the process of setting up the layout of your ebook is almost entirely automated.


Flipsnack also has a variety of templates which you can use, so you don’t have to have any knowledge of design and layout, you can work from what they give you. There is a surprisingly large amount of very modern and stylish templates available on Flipsnack.



There is a collection of ready-made tools that you can use for free. Take advantage of all their graphic templates like shapes, badges, buttons, borders and masks.


One of my favourite tools to use on Flipsnack is the mask tool, it can give a nice touch when using it with something generic but beautiful, like flowers, natural landscapes, clouds, paint, or anything related to your ebook.

Here is how I used the mask:


Flipsnack is an easy to use html5 flipbook creator due to its drag and drop capabilities.

It also has a selection of drag and drop headers and subtitles with set fonts and sizes, so you don’t need to waste time with fiddly adjustments:

Flipsnack is one of the most efficient and time-saving HTML5 eBook creators on the Internet. It will definitely give your eBook some authenticity and a professional aesthetic appeal.


You can start creating an eBook for free with Flipsnack, you can also share the Flipsnack link to your readers, which is the only way of accessing it. In order to download your eBook you have to sign up to an affordable $16 monthly plan, the next upgrade is a ‘corporate’ plan at $24 each month. I just use the $16 as I can access everything I need with this.


Now, when you’ve completed your eBook and think you’re ready to start promoting it, you need to ask yourself if you’ve made the most out of the eBook.


Don’t just think of the eBook’s outcome as making you a bit of money online, as it could be used for more than that. At the end of the book, you can direct the reader’s attention to anything you want, such as a new project you’re completing, or a promotion of a freebie on your website for building up your email list. Take every opportunity you get!


Now you see the power of an eBook and how fun it can be to make one. HTML5 eBooks are growing more and more popular, so there hasn’t been a better time to start making one!


Please comment to mention your Flipsnack link if you’ve followed my advice!


The Passive Fiverr Income System – Using PLR products as services – ‘I will teach you how to…’

The Passive Fiverr Income System – Using PLR products as services – ‘I will teach you how to…’

Fiverr is a popular website where you can buy or sells services for just $5. The products range from business start up gear like graphics, promotions and logos, to paranormal services like psychic predictions, healing powers and so on.

Lately I’ve been researching into the use of PLR packages as a way to boost income on the side, and I’m going to share with you an exciting method I found which uses Fiverr gigs to sell PLR.

This method has a lot of potential because of the quantity of the gigs you’re allowed, which is unlimited we can have multiple accounts on Fiverr. Though it is more profitable in the long-run to write your own material, or just reword PLR material, this method means we can sell an unlimited amount of material.

You will be selling informative resources, which are zipped up and ready to go. All you have to do, is create the gigs, then spend 10-15 minutes a day checking your accounts.

These resources come in the form of articles, tutorial videos and guidebooks, and none of them violate any terms of service. None of these items will be made by you, as will be selling PLR products.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means you can resell the item, edit it and all the proceeds go to you.

It is important to read the licensing instructions in every PLR package you find, as some request you not to edit, but most are fine. You should also be checking over how the articles are written, and edit if needed.

For free PLR, you can’t depend on them to be very well written, but there are also paid membership sites which give you access to better free packages. If you don’t mind paying per package, you’ll find higher quality PLR often at a very small cost, usually between $1-4. On Fiverr you can find them in their thousands for $5.

A few websites you can try out for PLR is: – You’ll find surprisingly high quality free PLR here. -search for PLR articles. –Excellent value for money, but the content will need assessing. free registration, 500 free products free membership -Sell good bundles – Very cheap!

Click the link here to get 20% off your first purchase on Fiverr.

How to Word your Fiverr Gig

You should look at every aspect of your description as a sales pitch. If you want to sell your item, take advice from Tom Hopkins in his article Arouse Emotions, Don’t Sell Logic, he tells us that:

“Positive emotions trigger sales; negative emotions destroy sales.”

So you need to excite your buyer, and to do that you should tell them what they can achieve with your valuable information.


Your Title

Your title needs to be creative, do not say that you will provide them with an ebook, but rather you will teach them a method.

For instance: I Will Teach You How To [insert PLR package theme] for $5.

The idea here is to make the gig sound more special and exciting than just ‘I Will Send You an Ebook on XYZ.’

Remember that all the customer wants to know is: How can this product help me?

It is important to word the title in a way that states it provides something desirable for that type of person.


Your Description

You’ll need to persuade the buyer with a positive and engaging description. Make sure you use the formatting options, highlighting in bold your most important and enticing information. 😉

One killer move is to advertise something that you’ll throw in with the order for free. You could also advertise the listing as buy 1 get 1 free.


Creating a Cover Photo

You will need to create cover photo for your gig, if you don’t have any graphic design skills and don’t want to pay for the kit, you can use:

Canva             Skitch             Pablo              Picmonkey                 Be Funky



You can choose up to 5 tags, make sure they are relevant to the product you are selling, don’t overuse a word, try a thesaurus if you get stuck.

The Duration

1 day deliveries will make your gig show up more in the search listings and all you have to do is click to send item each day. But it depends on how often you want to check the Fiverr account.


Instructions For the Buyer:

You don’t have to bother with instructions, but you can possibly throw in another freebie gig to show them that you value their custom. This goes down a treat on Fiverr.

Now your gig is complete.

You will receive a notification email when someone wants to buy your gig, make sure your settings are correct and that emails go to your mobile phone so that you can respond to buyers promptly.

Now repeat this process.

Change the description and graphics accordingly and max out to your maximum gig limit which is 20.

After you reach 20, create a new account, then do the same thing, and so on.

As you may have already guessed, each account would ideally be revolved around a specific niche. I.e. health and fitness, internet marketing, parenting, mental health, writing etc. Basically any niche that works as a service.

It isn’t a good idea to rush into this, it is better to slowly add these gigs on each day.

You will only see sales if you max out your gigs as much as possible. The sales will be gradual but eventually will become a great part of your recurring income.

It is also helpful to keep track of how well some gigs do compared to others, and make better choices for your business down the line.

Keep an eye out for methods other than Fiverr to sell your strategies. Such as:

So you have the options to make this a big business, but it won’t get far if you don’t put in the hard work of making multiple gigs.

You may come across research like how to achieve success on Fiverr by using software that racks up a view count for your gig – although I have never used them, my research concludes that Fiverr is very good at cracking down on fraudulent activity, so I advise not to use them in case your account gets banned.


This passive product is one of the easiest ways to make money on fiverr. As you can see all it requires is getting your hands on some PLR content that you can distribute as a service.

Anyone can get started on Fiverr with this tutorial as it takes no expertise whatsoever, you can easily begin a business today.

Please share this method with your friends and family!

please leave comments below if you’ve tried it!

Create And Publish Your Own Ebook For Free in 7 Steps – The Ultimate Recurring Income

Create And Publish Your Own Ebook For Free in 7 Steps – The Ultimate Recurring Income

Publishing an ebook is not as hard as you might have thought, nor as expensive. Ebooks have been around for a while now, they’ve been tried and tested as a profitable idea, and they still prove to be as successful as they were in the beginning. Don’t go thinking this task is hard going like I once did, because it really isn’t, and it doesn’t have to cost anything either. I’m going to show you how to create an ebook for free through the use of many easily accessible programs.

Feeling uninspired? All that is needed for your inspiration is an interest in something, that way, you’ll enjoy writing about it and those words will come pouring out. Making a desirable eBook requires using non-fiction, educational content, so it is also good to write about something you already know a lot about or want to learn. Getting information for your subject is the easiest part, as there are hundreds of websites out there competing to publish the best content on the Internet. All you need to do is recycle some content and put your own spin on it.  An eBook can bring in money for many years to come, and it could also turn out to be a best seller! Also if you have a blog then it could also work as a great giveaway for your blog. I guarantee that once you’ve made your first one, it will become much easier.

This step by step hassle-free tutorial should put you at ease when it comes to making your own ebook and publishing it. The HTML method is for adding your ebook straight to your site, if you don’t want to dabble with HTML you can use a PDF.


Step 1. Choose where to write it:

For PDF: Open Word (2010+) or free alternative- Open Office, Powerpoint, InDesign, and Google Docs. You can also convert any document to a PDF using

For HTML: Open a HTML editor (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc); if you don’t have one, just go to search engine and type, “free online editor WYSIWYG”.

You could also use Flipbook, which is a drag and drop HTML eBook creator which has many templates to choose from and fun sound effects for turning the pages.


Step 2. Design:

Make sure to keep the design simple and with the main focus on the text, make it padded with even spacing. Use images which you can get for free at Pixabay, they just ask for a coffee every once in a while, which you can ignore, or be a pal and buy them one.

Powerpoint offers a selection of templates for free that you can work with. Make necessary amendments to the font and colour range. Powerpoint-templates

Try to include hyperlinks (like affiliate links) by clicking on the text, then go to edit and insert Hyperlink.

For PDF: Once finished, click Save as and choose PDF then save your file. You can convert your PDF file to EPUB using Zamzar.

For HTML: If you are new to web design it is better to create a single page, but if you’re more advanced you can create multiple pages and link them to each other, which you can also do in Flipbook.

Once finished, save it to a specific folder. To turn the HTML into a PDF go to


Step 3. Compile your ebook:

Compile all files into an ebook using an ebook compiler. Go to Download and install the ebook compiler into your computer.

Spadix Software is also a free alternative.

You can also use Scrivener’s all-in-one function to write and compile the ebook for you, it has a 30 day free trial of actual use, so if you were to use it 2 days a week it would last you 15 weeks.


Step 4. Follow ebook compile instructions and save:

Open the ebook compiler, install the file and check that everything is there, then follow the instructions provided until export.


Step 5. Convert to a zip file:Compress Zip file mac

Right click and select compress then change name accordingly, or go to, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and create a new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it.

Step 6. Upload to a website:

Upload the zip file manually or via FTP to your server. If you do not have a server then you can sign up for free website hosting by searching in Google.


Step 7. Publish your ebook!

There are many places on the internet to advertise your ebook for download, such as an ebook directory or if you are offering your ebook for free, try the freebie directory. To find more places to promote your ebook, type ‘free ebook directory into a search engine, or you can submit it to Another good place to promote your ebook is as they receive high traffic each week.

There we have it! Your very own ebook, and it wasn’t too hard now was it? The power of ebooks is now in your hands, do with it what you will and don’t take it for granted! Some extra tips:

  • Avoid using a bold colours, like red as it tends to look spammy.
  • Use a font that is well known and easy to read, nothing too fancy.
  • Make it look attractive to the person deciding to purchase, if targeting a specific audience, tell them what they want to know. 


Good luck! And please share this article with your friends and family so that they can hop on this money making bandwagon!

If you want to know how to make your eBook a bestseller in 5 days on Amazon, click this link:



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