A File Exchange Tutorial – How to Automatically Run an eBay Shop – The Hands-Free CSV Method

A File Exchange Tutorial – How to Automatically Run an eBay Shop – The Hands-Free CSV Method


How to Automatically Run an eBay Shop – The Hands-Free CSV Method

In this tutorial I will show you the fantastic method of automating an eBay business. I picked this trick and a few other tricks up from forums and have included my own knowledge on bulk uploading eBay items using File Exchange.

You will need 3 things in order to automate your eBay business, which are:

  1. A dropshipping supplier that offers downloadable CSV files containing all the product information. 
  2. An eBay account with a good rating and a (free) subscription to eBay’s File exchange service.
  3. Someone from Fiverr or upwork who will work for $5 or less an hour.

1. How to Find a Dropshipping Supplier 

This is something you’ll want to spend some time searching for because not all dropship suppliers provide quality products. You may even want to test them out by buying from them. But what I’ve found are that many dropship suppliers will charge extra for supplying CSVs or product images, they will offer memberships etc. But a way of siphoning out the bad from the good is by using dropship directories. These are directories where both suppliers and dropshippers will sign up in order to network and share contact details.



The two most well known dropship directories are SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands.




I have written a review of both in my article How to Start Dropshipping in 1 Week. I use SaleHoo, one because it seems a lot less outdated than Worldwide Brands and two because it has great customer service who will find for you any type of dropship supplier you can think of, taking away the need to search for suppliers. You can just request to find suppliers who offer CSV downloads of ALL their product information, including links to images, this is what we want for the easiest dropshipping method. 

2.  Get a good eBay account rating and subscribe to File Exchange. eBay successful seller

Hopefully you’ll have an eBay account from buying items on there, and if you have a good rating with a little star, good for you! Anyone can change their personal account into a business account but if you have a star you’re already one step ahead. If for whatever reason you have a bad feedback rating, or you don’t have an account, then you can buy accounts with positive feedback, but I don’t think it’s worth the money. My advice is to create an eBay account, put up anything you can sell in your house, but make sure it all goes on sale at the same time. By doing this with a new account, you’ll be selling a lot of stuff and fast, which will get your selling account into good standards and build up your rating. 


eBay File exchange tutorial



File exchange is the only bulk uploading tool within eBay which can be accessed through a free subscription by any seller. It is another way of using Turbolister, but unfortunately Turbolister is being scrapped this year so there’s no point going into that. Let me first point out that I couldn’t find a single easy to follow tutorial on how to use File Exchange on the Internet, and so I’ve decided to guide you the best way I can. For some bizarre reason eBay only uses the phone for a method of contacting them for help but they were temporarily using email when I first started with my CSV files. It seemed much easier for me to send them the error message along with my CSV attached, sometimes they would correct it for me. But unfortunately eBay no longer has it, that being said they do have some savvy people on the help phone who direct you efficiently.

Products can be uploaded in the thousands through an excel spreadsheet. The input of information is through mostly group copying and pasting and then editing images and prices accordingly. If you are doing this on your own, then you could probably use some help for editing items individually. You can use people offering their services on Fiverr or Upwork to help you but pay close attention to their feedback score as they will have worked hard for good feedback and will not want to jeopardize it. 

eBay File Exchange has templates to download that you can work from. These templates are too basic and many adjustments and additions need to be made. You can save the templates so that you can use the same ones in the future to save time.

You will need to refer to this information:

eBay File Exchange Catalog Listing Template Instructions (pdf)

eBay File Exchange Advanced Instructions (pdf)

eBay File Exchange Basic Template Instructions (pdf)

Category IDs

Condition IDs by Category

File Error Codes Reference

Listing Designer Theme IDs

You can also edit the product description (HTML template provided by supplier) to include your own about section, but I have found a much easier method is to do it through eBay’s Manage My Store section.

All of the product’s information and images should be provided by the supplier found through SaleHoo. These are downloaded as CSV excel files so copying and pasting information is easy.

So to save you days and days of trial and error like I went through, I have supplied templates that will get you started easily. 

These files are arranged by country, including UK, USA and China. As the file will need to be changed according to which country the item is from. 

3. Paying a Worker

Editing individual cells takes a long time and it is very tedious. So as a nice solution to save our time we can pay someone to do it instead. I find a data entry specialist on Upwork or Fiverr who will work for $3-$5 (as long as their Country’s Exchange rate works out as fair) provide them with instructions, a video tutorial helps. I have a video and a Price Increase reference chart that I supply to workers as I only pay for the editing of my images and the prices. You can also hire someone to handle everything on your eBay shop like processing orders and providing customer service like answering messages. If you do this please choose someone with a history of work and high ratings displayed on their profile, as they will have worked hard to achieve that and will not want to jeopardize it. 

Important things to remember:

All of this information is important but these will really help –

  • Export files from dropship supplier’s website by category if possible. If you export by category you can import into eBay by category.
  • If something goes wrong, Google it. There is always a way around a problem, and it is how I learned everything I know, keep searching. 


Helpful Video Tutorials:

These videos really helped me, there aren’t many decent demonstrations for using eBay’s File Exchange out there, I had to watch many heavily thumbed down videos to get to these. 

File Exchange – How to create and submit a revision file – A Tutorial

How to Export eBay Sales to Microsoft Excel

How to Export eBay Sales to Microsoft Excel

 If Turbo lister is still going strong by the time you read this, then go ahead and follow this tutorial:

Turbo Lister – How to upload items to eBay – A Tutorial



And so as you can see you don’t have to put a huge amount of effort into setting up an eBay business. But that also doesn’t mean that there is no work involved. If you want success in beating the competition, you’ll need to keep repricing your items which means being familiar with File Exchange (if you want the process to be quick). And this article should provide you with all the information sources needed to start your business today. 


A Guide on How to Sell Expensive Products Online – 3 Marketing Strategies All Successful Sellers Use

A Guide on How to Sell Expensive Products Online – 3 Marketing Strategies All Successful Sellers Use

This week I’ve been reading about how to market an expensive item, I notice that this question is asked a lot in forums and so I set out to research. I’ve dug up some of the best tips out there for selling expensive products. I will reveal to you some excellent age-old marketing tips, these really do work wonders for bagging a sale on a product that people usually wouldn’t dare spend money on.

So in the following article I’m going to list three foolproof ways that I’ve found will definitely help you to sell an expensive item. 

1. ‘The Contrast Effect’.

This first tip plays on the psychology of the customer, something sneaky marketers love doing. Its what behavioural economist Dan Ariely calls “arbitrary coherence”, and is also known as ‘The Contrast Effect’. It’s where a retailer will purposely put a high priced item next to a lower priced item that is a very similar product. This makes the customer compare the two, and if they are conscious of their money spending, it is more likely to make them prefer the lower priced item. 

The way this method can work with selling expensive items can be explained with this analogy: 

How do you make someone look smaller? Put a tall person next to them. 

So when the customer sees the item they like, then they see the expensive price, they still desire the item but are faced with doubts about spending so much money. However, when the customer sees a similar item that is much more expensive, you are giving them the ability to make a choice, a more responsible choice that makes them feel better about spending the money. 

Though it may seem obvious to buy the cheaper one if they want it, the emotions at play here are being manipulated in an interesting way. The lower priced item becomes a lot more acceptable now that the standards have been set with the much higher priced item and so their initial thoughts about the price are irrelevant. 

Most retailers don’t even intend to sell the item they price up, they use it as a decoy. 


To intensify the effect, and definitely bag a sale, we have to price the item at least 40% more expensive, so that it looks like a steal to the buyer. 


2. Provide evidence for the value of the product

While it may be a quick sale to the seller, it is important to understand that the expensive purchase will be much more of a commitment to customer. This is why it is important to take care when writing the product description. Here are a number of ways you can do this:Budgeting, crowbar wallet

Create a Value Prism – A well-known trick known copywriters use is the Value Prism, which involves outlining the history of the product, from the inspiration to create the product, to the manufacturers, retailers  and then the customer. By laying the product’s history out like a sentimental journey, the customer is made aware of the efforts that went into it.

Addressing the value is the main focus you want in the product description. And you can prove its high value by comparing it to any other products the customer may be already familiar with, telling them how it is better.

Using Metaphors – You need to clearly outline what this will do for the customer. Many creative copywriters and marketers will use metaphorical comparisons, painting a picture in the customer’s head with what this product can do for them. 

unbox your life ikea marketing

“Unbox your life” – IKEA


Some examples include: 

Welcome to possible – Mindtree, Unbox your life – IKEA, Unlock your more – Fiat, Your best beautiful – Olay

Embellish your descriptions – 

Think about what the customer wants to be told, don’t just give them flat factual descriptions. They want to find something that satisfies their every need. A quote I refer to often is “Positive emotions trigger sales; negative emotions destroy sales.” – Tom Hopkins, Arouse Emotions, Don’t Sell Logic


3. Alter the perception of the price 

There are a few tricks you can employ to make the price of the expensive product seem not so expensive, but more like a good deal. Here are some helpful tips to help you frame your product as a worthwhile purchase.

Dividing the price – 

This can be done with many types of products, often the price of the product is over £100. You can give your buyers the choice to pay instantly or pay in daily, weekly or monthly instalments  This makes the product seem much more affordable as it won’t leave much of a dent in their bank balance. 

Offer a free item –

You can also offer valuable free items with the purchase (if you stay within your desired profit margin), making the price look like a better deal. 

Offer a discount on their next purchase – 

The customer will be more keen to spend the money if both items within the deal are valuable to them. Even more so if the price of the next purchase is a low one. You could offer the discount buy 2 get 1 free (the cheapest). Discounts that end in multiple buys are important for boosting business. 


So those are the most well known methods for selling an expensive item, if you know of any more, please let me know in the comments below. Look out for any interesting tactics that sellers use to make you think an item is much more appealing because of a few subtle gestures made in a product description. 

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A Guide on How to Sell Expensive Products Online – 3 Marketing Strategies All Successful Sellers Use

This week I’ve been reading about how to market an expensive item, I notice that this question is asked a lot in forums and so I set out to research. I've dug up some of the best tips out there for selling expensive products. I will reveal to you some excellent...
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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

10 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Knowing how to get more followers on Pinterest is an essential skill that the social media marketer needs to know in 2017. In the list below I have put together detailed research into how you can effectively get more Pinterest followers that will stay with you for the long-term. 


1. Only Pin things related to your niche

Make sure that potential followers see on your Pinterest the things they will want to see posted onto their Pinterest home page. You will see things occasionally that will have nothing to do with your niche, but they interest you nonetheless, what you must do is to resist pinning! If you have another personal Pinterest more suited to your other interests then Pin it to that, if you don’t, then make one! Your followers will only want to see what interested them in your pins in the first place. 


2. Be creative with your boards

Show off your creativity on your Pinterest, be proud of your Pin layout and arrangement of boards. Try to create interesting boards that are useful to potential followers. When thinking of a board to create, think of a collection of inspiring and useful things you would like to see yourself. More importantly, have a gander around Pinterest and collect some inspiration!



3. Edit your pin descriptions

Something that has been known to bring many bloggers success is to pin your blog posts like a note to self. Often the pin that they will come across will be on it’s own and will have to speak for itself. If a person has written a description that sounds like they highly value the link for the pin, then it seems authentic. Many successful pins come from descriptions that label it using exaggeration, such as ‘This is the best…’ or ‘LOVE this….’.


4. Venture further than Pinterest

If you stick on the Pinterest homepage just scrolling and recycling everything you see there, then you’re missing out. I noticed that when I pin something new, I get plenty more repins than if I just repin within Pinterest. 


5. Make images vertical and add text

This is essential for Pinterest, if you already have images for your blog, but they aren’t vertical, you’ll need to make new ones in order for your posts to be seen. If you don’t know how to make an eye-catching image for Pinterest, then try Canva, a graphic design tool that helps you easily build attractive and high-quality images for Pinterest. Make sure you put your website’s url address in the image, (usually at the bottom) so that they are aware of your brand. 


6. Join group boardsPinterest Group board

There are many group boards that grant you access to thousands of followers simply by requesting an invite from the board administrator. Pin groupie.com is a great way of finding these boards and assessing how many followers/contributors they have prior to requesting an invite. You can also just follow other pinners and see what group boards they’ve joined. Pinterest has updated as of 2017 and the way to tell if a board is a group board is by looking at the circle enclosing images of multiple contributors. The instructions for requesting an invite from the administrator (the first image shown on the contributor list) are placed in the group board’s bio or their profile’s bio, it varies. 


7. Invite others to Pin to your boards

Inviting others to pin to your boards is an easy thing to start doing and if you select your contributors wisely, it could build a huge audience. What you need to remember as an administrator of the group board is to pin to it regularly so that the contributors will want to pin to an active board. 



8. Make your website’s Pinterest board the first one they see

This goes without saying really but it is an important one for businesses. As well as providing a neat preview of what you or the business is about, it also saves a lot of time as you can use this board as a base to share your pins out from.


9. Don’t scare away your followers

Getting followers is fun, but once you have them, you should try your best to keep them. And posting your website’s content all over their Pinterest homepage won’t go down well.

So as a rule, space your pins out and try for repinning 2-3 other posts every time you post from your own website.  


10. Try to Pin like your followers

You need to spend some time analysing the outcome of your pins so that you can see which do well and which don’t. You should keep in mind these things when assessing your Pins on Pinterest:

  • When do you get the most repins?
  • What types of titles do well?
  • How do your Pin descriptions affect repinning?
  • What kind of people are repinning your content?

This will help you to better target your followers, as you can find out when they spend time online, to find this out, we have to consider when our followers are sleeping, eating, working etc. 


11. Add a Pinterest profile widget to your website

By adding a Pinterest profile widget to your website you can display your pins neatly in your sidebar and thus get more followers on your Pinterest. 


12. Use the Pinterest phone app

Pinterest has recently made an update (2017) where you can pin much faster by swiping over the pin with your thumb to repin. Using your phone can make using Pinterest seem less of a chore, as you can easily implement a habit of spending 5 minutes scrolling and tapping on your phone into your daily routine. 


13. Comment on Popular Pins

Find popular pins in the popular section on Pinterest, assess which pins would be worth commenting on. Then proceed to make a meaningful and possibly helpful comment. If you can’t think of anything to write, what I tend to do is just leave a tab open and let it sit in my mind for a little while until something hits me. 


14. Mention others in your pin descriptions

The content you’re pinning will likely have a Pinterest profile that you can @ to in the pin description. This simple trick shouldn’t be underestimated as what you can do is compliment the creator of the content behind the pin. People love getting appreciated for their efforts and if they have the time, they should be obliged to thank you for it in some way, either by a follow, a repin or a mention back at you. 


15. Pin a lot!

Pin a lot! This method works as your followers want to see you as a valuable pinner who provides fresh content for their boards and followers. That being said, you should try to keep your content of high quality, rather than pinning anything you see that is related to your niche excessively.  



And there we have it! A list that includes every possible way to get more followers on Pinterest. 

Please share with your friends and family for more Pinterest followers all round!

How to Promote and Sell any Item in Multiple Facebook Groups with Octosuite

How to Promote and Sell any Item in Multiple Facebook Groups with Octosuite

Knowing how to promote your domain auction or any item for sale on the Internet is an important modern day skill. One method I have found to successfully promote something on Facebook is through posting to multiple groups that have a large number of members. The key part to this success is ensuring the Facebook groups relate to what you’re posting, they have to be genuinely interested in whatever you’re promoting. Octosuite-review

The marketing strategy involves making posting in multiple Facebook groups completely automated, by using a plugin that handles Facebooks API, the plugin that we’re going to talk about is Octosuite. 

Octosuite comes with many uses and is an impressive application, it gives you the tools for building an audience, automating posting and promoting a product. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Octosuite effectively and how to market a business with very little effort. 

For the purposes of demonstration I will be promoting one of my domain auctions using Octosuite. 


How to promote a domain auction with Octosuite

Octosuite’s Home Screen:

Octosuite Homescreen

First, you’ll want to join the Facebook groups, so click on Join Groups. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

So try searching for some keywords that might be used in the titles of the groups you’re looking to join. Search and then ‘select all’ and ‘mass join’. You can keep scrolling further and further down until you’ve selected enough. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

Now you might need to wait a few days in order to be added by the admins to some of the Facebook groups. Patience is key. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

After they’ve accepted you, you’ll need to create a category for them, reconnect your Facebook account to update the app. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Here are some of my groups that I’ve gathered up in Octosuite. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster 

So to create a post, on the left menu click Post & Schedule and on the dropdown menu click Post.

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

We’re then taken to the post template, choose the Groups option and select which Group of Groups you want to post to. Then we type a description, if its a domain or any other kind of sale, make it sound like the viewer needs the item or shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Provide a link and set the posting to delay by 30 seconds or however long you wish. This is to stop Facebook from blocking your spammy behaviour. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please note: It is advised to not post to more than 30 groups a day to keep from getting blocked. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

You will then have to generate a token to access Facebook’s API in order to post, so follow the instructions. 

After that you can go ahead and click Post again. Then you can go and make a coffee or whatever, it is doing it all for you to save you lots of time. 

And there we have it, you have successfully mass-posted and promoted an item on Facebook. When timed well (study your audience – when are they online?), you can target your audience more effectively. 

Access Octosuite below:

Click Here for the basic Ocean Edition which gives you the all the basic features.

It also has a useful addon for Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin syndication – Click Here

And an impressive affiliate link cloaker add on – Click Here


How to Start Dropshipping in 1 Week – All the tools for Automated Dropshipping Success

How to Start Dropshipping in 1 Week – All the tools for Automated Dropshipping Success

What to Expect

I take it you’ve been searching the internet for a while now, and just like me, on that search for ways to make money online. When I discovered dropshipping I knew I was onto something big.

From my experience I can tell you that you are entitled to a retail store which requires only a small amount of your attention each day to copy and paste shipment details and be making more than if you worked a full-time job. Sound good? It is! I’m not going to give you definite figures because being a successful dropshipper depends on 3 things:

-How many listings you establish
-How well you design your product listing
-How much market research you are willing to do .

Put simply, dropshipping is a process whereby a manufacturer or supplier delivers products directly to the customers at your online shop.

This way you don’t need to stock, repurchase and restock, all you need to do is click and tap a few times.

Are you excited yet? you should be, let me tell you, dropshipping is an online goldmine.

When I first discovered it, it sounded like such perfect plan couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before.

You are the middle man/woman, and opportunities for being the middle man/woman are all over the internet. And this same process can be applied to wherever a transaction can be made.

All the customer requires is accurate and enticing content with their product in order to make a purchase. But you don’t even have to create the content, the supplier will be the one who does this for you, all you have to do is upload it, and devote a little work sending over the address each day/night from your laptop.

I will be taking you through the two most popular and profitable places to begin dropshipping, which is eBay and/or an ecommerce website (I chose both, so can you!). We will look at all of the advantages and disadvantages and compare each business model so that you can decide for yourself which one to choose.

Where to Station Your Shop

Starting with eMarketplace: eBay
An eBay listing is like having a place on the high street to promote your products and make a profit. After your first listing you will be impressed with the amount of views any type of product with the right title and images can rack up.

eBay offers many features for its sellers that shouldn’t be taken for granted, such as templates and shop manager which can make your shop appear reputable and trustworthy.

You can also upload listings in bulk using Turbolister, click here to learn the quickest bulk eBay upload method.

Warning: You will not make money if you start out with only a few items, you have to open a shop and upload as many as you can within your first month. As when I started out I wasn’t aware of eBay’s monthly fees for their shop owner accounts.

I also wasn’t aware of eBay’s FileExchange bulk upload service, and started my first month with 40 items and was charged £110, and I only made a mere £30 or so. So you will want to max out your listings to the amount you are allowed with your shop subscription.

*Paypal Freezing your account –

If you haven’t used your account in a while or you’re a new user, Paypal may withhold large payments to you. Not to worry though, you can just use a credit card to pay for the dropshipping item and request a tracking code from the wholesaler. You then supply this to Paypal and receive your payment shortly.


Starting with eMarketplace: eBay 


– Customer is looking for specific item – higher chance of being seen

– Has a rating system for trusted seller recognition

– You don’t have to cater to a single niche, and can opt to have a generic store name that sells allsorts.

– You don’t have to design a logo

– Free to list an item


– A mistake can result in a bad rating

– Don’t have Google search listings

– Competitors selling the same item undercutting your price

-You need to upload as fast and as many as you can so you can make a profit over eBay’s shop account fees.


Starting with an eCommerce Store

Ecommerce stores have the advantage not being in a market format surrounded by other competing listings. This means your store is in the spotlight, and you can brand yourself merry, as we know people love a label.

The ecommerce store is a very flexible option as you can be fully in charge of your own image. Unlike eBay, the customer isn’t necessarily after a bargain, and will feel more like they can rely on the product you’re supplying.

The downside is that you will have to buy hosting, which can be a dawdle, but in this ebook I’ve included a brief summary of the types of hosting to choose from to make it easier.


Without Hosting: Shopify 

With Shopify, we don’t have to deal with the hassle of setting up hosting, a domain, a website and ecommerce store plug in. Shopify gives you the option to get everything done in one place.

My experience with Shopify was a good one, they offered a ‘60 second setup’, whilst I can’t say how long it took, I do remember it being flamboyantly swift. They have a very neat and minimalistic layout, you simply pop your logo at the top and you’re off to the races. It really is the hassle-free method with everything included such as integrated analytics like purchases and customer ID tracking.

Click my link here to receive a 14 day free trial with Shopify!

A bonus is that after setting up your shop, you can become a Shopify affiliate like me and give people 14 day free trials as well as earning a 200% commission per sale!


Without Hosting: Shopify


– No Competition

– you choose your price

– Branding

– Enhances Value

-Personalised Customer Service

– Email Marketing


-Paying Monthly for Shopify

-Finding or designing a logo

-Cost of advertising

-Less exposure

Setting Up Your Shop With WordPresshow-to-build-a-wordpress-blog-

The next steps are to set up a WordPress blog on the hosting control panel under your domain name, choose a theme and install woocommerce.

WordPress is very easy to set up, they have a famous 5 minute install that gets you started very quickly, depending on how fast you enter your info..

Make sure you have these free plugins installed:
– Jetpack- to feature your social media pages in the footer
– Askimet- for spam
– Insite- for a variety of nifty add-ons like pop up subscribes

Woocommerce is the most widely used ecommerce plugin and allows for a variety of customizations. Once installed the majority is set up for you, all you really need to do is add a logo and customize the homepage to your liking.

You will need a theme, which is basically the instructions you set for the layout of the site. There are many themes to choose from within WordPress, or you can look elsewhere.

For a theme and other plugins, I use Elegant Themes. From a starting price of $69 a year they provide you access to a ton of great themes and nifty plugins.

If you don’t want to learn code, like me, you can also choose to use the Divi builder from Elegant Theme’s list of plugins. The Divi builder is a drag and drop page and post builder, it is very easy to use and there is fairly decent support.


With Hosting:


– No competition

– you choose your price

– The branding enhances value

– Personalised customer service

-Email Marketing



-Paying for hosting

-Finding or designing a logo

-Cost of advertising

-Less exposure


Ecommerce store or eBay? Lets compare..

Ecommerce and eBay are both profitable models, I would say eBay is great for starting out as you don’t have to invest as much money in advertising, however eBay requires keeping a good standing in the listings, which means a lot more time is spent researching what keeps buyers buying. An advertising method for your ecommerce stores to help make up for advertising expenditure would be to only advertise sales or items available for a limited time only.

Also feedback is very important and one mistake can end up in negative feedback, however eBay can remove negative feedback if it is about the product sourcing, so there is no need to worry about that. You can pick both if you want, which is what I did, but if you’re just starting out it is better to focus on one for now and get all the listings uploaded so you’re good to go, then head back here, get your tips and create the other.


Choosing Your Niche

Here are some niches to choose from, these are the more generic options which would be perfect for eBay.

• Sports • Office • Tech and Gadgets • Pet Supplies • Kitchen • Health & Fitness • Medical & Elderly Care • Maternity & Parenthood • Hobbies & Recreation • Patio & Garden • Miscellaneous

For an ecommerce store the niche would need to be more specific, such as for sports, choose a sport like surfing, for office, printers or gadgets and so on, this will give the impression your website is a specialist website and the customer is more likely to pay future visits.


Niche Targeting With eCommerce

For our eCommerce site, is better to go for a specific niche, as we want it to rank higher in the Google search listings, and the more specific it is, the less competition you will have in Google. For extra help with how to rank higher in Google we look to how the SEO works, which is through a choice of keywords. You must pay particular attention to the wording and sentence structure in the key words as that way we can cash in on the specificity in the listings- I repeat- the less competition the higher the success rate.

You can also do what many bloggers do, which is type the keyword as much as you possible can, this is easy if you’re the chatty type, but it can come off as an overwhelming amount of filler.

This is why it is useful to have a combination of a blog and a store, with a blog you can backlink your site, and the more your site has been mentioned on other websites of authority, the more relevant you are to the search term on Google and the higher you will get in Google’s search listings.


Choosing Your Supplier

Wholesale Directories:

The two most widely used Wholesale Directories are Worldwide Brands and Salehoo.

Both are have millions of products to choose from, and are fairly easy to use but do require a fee.

In the following section I will give you an overview of what you’ll be getting with each directory and compare them to see which is right for you.


Worldwide BrandsWorldWide-Brands-Review-Image

Worldwide Brands is eBay acknowledged and operated by Chris Malta, the Product Sourcing Editor of eBay Radio. They have a research team that keeps their directory up to date with the latest products and suppliers. They were established as a business way back in 1999 and on their website it says they have over a million products. They have recently (2016) given their website a makeover, which is now a lot more appealing to the eye.

Cost: $269 Lifetime Fee



For those starting out on eBay with a small amount of funds to invest into their dropshipping project, SaleHoo’s membership offers the most value for money at $67 a year which isn’t a big investment for those just testing the waters of dropshipping.

Founded in 2005, Salehoo is now used by thousands of eBay power sellers and features over 1.6 million products from nearly 8,000 suppliers. It hosts suppliers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and China.

They provide great customer support- I asked them about a single product and they quickly found me a list of all the companies who sell it.

Its website is very sleek and easy to use, more so than Worldwide Brands. Salehoo also has with it a number of eBay power sellers to advise you along the way.

There are many people on the internet who claim it’s the best dropshipping directory out there, but see for yourself.

Cost: $67 Annual Fee


Customer Value

As you may already be aware try to keep on top of the postage, this 1 hour job (depending on how much you’re selling) can be done in spare time. It is important to leave yourself time to process orders, I use 1-3 business days for dispatching. To keep a high rating on eBay you will need to keep on top of orders, and to minimise the likelihood of leaving a customer’s transaction until after their guaranteed postage date.

If you’re using an e-commerce store there is a lot of potential in having a customer sign up to an email subscription. However this may seem overly pushy, so another option is to have a customer provide their email at checkout, with a small box checked for them, informing them of a weekly email updating them on your latest products, most popular products, discounts and offers.


I’m going to tell you my main method for successful advertising, which is by using social media.Social media is an open door to enormous amounts of traffic and by using it you can expect to see results quickly.


Advertising – Facebook

I recommend using Facebook advertising as it gives your store credibility, this is because the sponsored Facebook post puts your promotion in the same ranks as many well-known and trusted companies. As Facebook owns Instagram, the advertising tool will also advertise to 1.5x the amount of people on Instagram for free. It is very easy to set up, but you’ll have to make both a Facebook page and Instagram account for your shop.


Advertising – OctosuiteOctosuite-review

Octosuite is a bulk-post scheduling application which was recently released by Luke Maguire in 2016. It is the first Facebook tool that enables you to join and post in multiple groups at once.

Here are some of the best things the app does:

– Finds the most viral content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

– Posts the viral content on your page, (not shared from another page- appears as an original post by you but credits iphoto)

– Bulk Schedule posts on social media pages, months in advance. So 2-4 weeks of activity can be completed in 30 mins

– It avoids spam filters by adding delays between bulk posts.

With Octosuite you can request to join and post in up to 80 groups a day.

Click Here for the basic Ocean Edition which gives you the all the basic features.

It also has a useful addon for Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin syndication – Click Here

And an impressive affiliate link cloaker add on – Click Here


Advertising – Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool as we can request to be added to any group board (serving our niche), this means you do not have to get a huge audience to get seen. With group boards we have access to thousands, or tens of thousands of people who are already interested in your niche.

To get access to boards, you can start from a group board directory like Pin Groupie. First we have to ask the moderator by tagging their name in a comment section of a pin, or read the instructions in the group board, they sometimes request an email. Then once they approve we have access to all these people!


Advertising – Pinterest with Shopify

Shopify has recently worked with Pinterest to give viewers of pins the option to buy a product as well as pin it.

This has enormous potential as often people will pin a product they like in their boards without going to the link. If they are shown the option to buy this item, they will be more inclined to do so.

So using Shopify we can unlock better targeting for our Pinterest audience.

Food for thought:
100 million food related boards and 146 million fashion boards exist on Pinterest.

So you can tempt buyers with a ‘Buy It’ button on the pin that will show up on the image in the corner adjacent to ‘Pin it’. Click the link here to see how Shopify does this.

Now if you don’t have time for scrolling through Pinterest and building boards every day, to get started pinning, I advise hastily but tactfully making a few boards in private and then revealing them to the public.

If you want to use Octosuite’s Pinterest add on to keep everything in one place, you can, but there are applications more tailored to the use in Pinterest, e.g. Tailwind.

Tailwind’s service is free for the first 30 days. If you want completely hands-off pinning, and want to build up your followers, I suggest an automated pinning service like Autopin, which will build up a few boards and follows for you. Though it is important to check over the boards every once in a while because the bot has a tendency to pin totally unrelated content.

Pinterest also has a promotion service which you can use to get seen more.


Advertising – BloggingBlogging-connection

Blogging for your business will attract more visitors through SEO and give substance to your brand. Despite working hard to build the business, it will not be as much of a success if you miss out on this opportunity.

Contacting a Blog
An agreement with a blogger could include you offering them a number from 3-10% of each product you sell that they advertise on their blog. If you wanted them to recommend your shop as a whole, you could pass on a discount code for their readers, which they may be willing to do for free as it also gives their blog exposure. If they are not willing to do it for free, think of a reasonable sum to offer, or a smaller percentage say 2-5% of weekly/bi weekly earnings.



There you have it, a concise guide to getting set up within a week with a definite recipe for success with dropshipping. All of my research packed into one place for you.

I hope this dropship guide has helped you, please share it with your friends and family to spread the good word. 


Why You Aren’t Earning Money from your Blog – How to Add Value P1

Why You Aren’t Earning Money from your Blog – How to Add Value P1

Offering your own product vs Google Adsense

Josh Elizetxe from TomiAcademy.com reveals that his sites own product makes a lot more than when his website only had Google Adsense:josh-elizetxe


Creating and selling your own product on your blog isn’t as hard as you may think, all it requires is….


‘Specialist’ knowledge about your niche.


And if you have a blog with a niche, then you already have that don’t you? If you don’t have a blog, all you have to do is make one that has a specialized niche.


The Specialized Niche

This specialized niche can be about absolutely anything, as long as you think it has value and you think that there is plenty to teach someone about it.

When I say specialized, I mean a specific niche that stems from a broader niche. Here are some random examples:

3D animation and visualisation

Desert baking

Antique collecting

Brand identity design

Healthcare & Wellness

Online entrepreneurs

Watercolour Painter

T-shirt design

Car photography

Social media marketing


– so you see its good to base your niche on something you’re interested in, just pick one of your fondest hobbies, it could be anything, the more specific the better.

You could simply take up a new hobby and show the audience your progress, some examples include skin care, a new diet, a money making scheme or learning a musical instrument.

If you don’t know which niche to choose, then it’s good to consider something that you would be interested in learning about.

Your blog is where you store your research findings, through varied content which includes videos and images created by you. And remember, the more you learn, the more posts you’ll have to add to your blog.

So this is a great way to start a new hobby as you can also look back at how far you have come from start to finish. It works as a great incentive to learn and you will be sharing valuable information with others, which is a very good thing!

If you already have a blog, then you need to ask yourself if your niche is too broad. If you don’t want to change your blog into being more specific, then by all means you can create a new blog that is centred around your niche – and promote your new blog on your first blog.


The Winning Products:

Offering Consultation

Once your blog has been established and has gathered an audience, you can start to monetize it through offering consultation. You will be offering one-to-one consulting to customers either over the phone or through Skype at an hourly rate.

Because you are going to give people your undivided attention for an hour or more, then you can charge a premium price as that is what it will be worth, say £100 per hour.

If you don’t know what to tell them straight off the bat, here is a template which works with most niches- work with them to create a schedule that they will use for the next 2 weeks to a month (however long until your next consult).

Simply ask them questions about how much time they can devote to the objective, then pick out certain activities from a pre-made schedule that they can complete.

-Please note that to be successful in doing this, you should have gained credibility as a blogger and also gained a sufficient amount of knowledge to be able to answer questions that your consultant may have.

Offer a Video Collection &/or guidebook 

You can offer a video collection or a PDF guidebook for a reasonable fee of between £10 – £20.00.

This will only involve some work at first from you and then can be set up as an automated email from mailchimp.com.

To design your guide, you could use Flipsnack which offers 1 months free trial (try to get it done in that time). Have a look at my article on how I used Flipsnack Here.

Promoting Your Product:

Sales Page

Your salespage will need to be strategically designed to make a reader desire your product. Lets go over what works when designing a sales page:

  1. I highly recommend reading Tom Hopkin’s article ‘Arouse Emotions, Don’t Sell Logic’, he tells us that positive emotions create sales and negative emotions destroy sales.
  2. A personal story about yourself – People what to know that they can trust you to deliver the goods, and what really works in gaining trust is a personal success story that the reader can relate to. They want to visualise themselves experiencing the success that you provide evidence for.
  3. Make sure the design is modern, clean and stylish. Don’t use primary colours like red and blue to make text stand out, it just looks spammy.
  4. Use bullet points to sum up what you’ll receive – we like short summaries, especially in a three section column format as seen here.
  5. Include quotes from previous customers – this will help the potential customer to feel comfortable with purchasing your product.

For designing your blog, click here to find out How to Design a Blog in 2016


Host a Webinar

A ‘Webinar’ is a great way of marketing your website and gaining a potential customer’s trust and confidence in your product and knowledge.

A webinar is basically a live workshop with an interactive audience where you demonstrate a method from whatever it is you’re teaching. You can offer to answer questions either along the way or at the end.

You can either charge for your Webinars, or you can host them for free, if you host them for free you’ll most probably gain more attention.

InstantPresenter is a useful tool I recommend for having people sign up to your Webinar.


Affiliate Marketing Programs

You can sign up to an affiliate marketing website as a client and offer any potential affiliates a percentage of the price of your product, 25 – 50% is a recommended price if you want to be promoted successfully.

Here is a list of Affiliate marketing programs where you can stage your product:

Rakuten LinkShare






CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Market Health


Social Media Marketing

There are many tools we can use to promote something through social media. To see how you can make the most of Facebook’s advertising service, check my post: Facebook Marketing Secrets.

For free longterm advertising on Facebook with a one-time payment at the start, we have Octosuite, Facebooks only mass group posting application. It also finds the most viral content on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, which you can then scrape and schedule as your own social media posts. Another useful add-on is its syndication for Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Buffer – whilst Octosuite is good at finding external content, Buffer is very good for posting your own content as it offers a “rebuffer” option that speeds up the process. It schedules your social media posts (Mine: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) for the best times to post in the day for each website. Since using it I have seen a dramatic increase in activity on my website and also in my hobbies. Click here for a 2 week free trial, after that, Buffer only charges you £10 a month!



So there you have a collection of reasons why your blog should be more targeted in order to increase both traffic and sales. It may take a while to get it going but the hard work and preparation will start to pay off, and when it does, you’ll be happy and deserve a pat on the back for staying focused.



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