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Sep 14, 2016 | Blogging Tips, Ebooks

Publishing an ebook is not as hard as you might have thought, nor as expensive. Ebooks have been around for a while now, they’ve been tried and tested as a profitable idea, and they still prove to be as successful as they were in the beginning. Don’t go thinking this task is hard going like I once did, because it really isn’t, and it doesn’t have to cost anything either. I’m going to show you how to create an ebook for free through the use of many easily accessible programs.

Feeling uninspired? All that is needed for your inspiration is an interest in something, that way, you’ll enjoy writing about it and those words will come pouring out. Making a desirable eBook requires using non-fiction, educational content, so it is also good to write about something you already know a lot about or want to learn. Getting information for your subject is the easiest part, as there are hundreds of websites out there competing to publish the best content on the Internet. All you need to do is recycle some content and put your own spin on it.  An eBook can bring in money for many years to come, and it could also turn out to be a best seller! Also if you have a blog then it could also work as a great giveaway for your blog. I guarantee that once you’ve made your first one, it will become much easier.

This step by step hassle-free tutorial should put you at ease when it comes to making your own ebook and publishing it. The HTML method is for adding your ebook straight to your site, if you don’t want to dabble with HTML you can use a PDF.


Step 1. Choose where to write it:

For PDF: Open Word (2010+) or free alternative- Open Office, Powerpoint, InDesign, and Google Docs. You can also convert any document to a PDF using

For HTML: Open a HTML editor (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc); if you don’t have one, just go to search engine and type, “free online editor WYSIWYG”.

You could also use Flipbook, which is a drag and drop HTML eBook creator which has many templates to choose from and fun sound effects for turning the pages.


Step 2. Design:

Make sure to keep the design simple and with the main focus on the text, make it padded with even spacing. Use images which you can get for free at Pixabay, they just ask for a coffee every once in a while, which you can ignore, or be a pal and buy them one.

Powerpoint offers a selection of templates for free that you can work with. Make necessary amendments to the font and colour range. Powerpoint-templates

Try to include hyperlinks (like affiliate links) by clicking on the text, then go to edit and insert Hyperlink.

For PDF: Once finished, click Save as and choose PDF then save your file. You can convert your PDF file to EPUB using Zamzar.

For HTML: If you are new to web design it is better to create a single page, but if you’re more advanced you can create multiple pages and link them to each other, which you can also do in Flipbook.

Once finished, save it to a specific folder. To turn the HTML into a PDF go to


Step 3. Compile your ebook:

Compile all files into an ebook using an ebook compiler. Go to Download and install the ebook compiler into your computer.

Spadix Software is also a free alternative.

You can also use Scrivener’s all-in-one function to write and compile the ebook for you, it has a 30 day free trial of actual use, so if you were to use it 2 days a week it would last you 15 weeks.


Step 4. Follow ebook compile instructions and save:

Open the ebook compiler, install the file and check that everything is there, then follow the instructions provided until export.


Step 5. Convert to a zip file:Compress Zip file mac

Right click and select compress then change name accordingly, or go to, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and create a new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it.

Step 6. Upload to a website:

Upload the zip file manually or via FTP to your server. If you do not have a server then you can sign up for free website hosting by searching in Google.


Step 7. Publish your ebook!

There are many places on the internet to advertise your ebook for download, such as an ebook directory or if you are offering your ebook for free, try the freebie directory. To find more places to promote your ebook, type ‘free ebook directory into a search engine, or you can submit it to Another good place to promote your ebook is as they receive high traffic each week.

There we have it! Your very own ebook, and it wasn’t too hard now was it? The power of ebooks is now in your hands, do with it what you will and don’t take it for granted! Some extra tips:

  • Avoid using a bold colours, like red as it tends to look spammy.
  • Use a font that is well known and easy to read, nothing too fancy.
  • Make it look attractive to the person deciding to purchase, if targeting a specific audience, tell them what they want to know. 


Good luck! And please share this article with your friends and family so that they can hop on this money making bandwagon!

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