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Sep 15, 2016 | Email Marketing

Using the email marketing strategy is a great way to keep customers updated on your new products and returning to your website. There is a lot of potential for making money with email marketing as it ensures repeat business and is a great way to build trust with your customers. Some of these include enhancing the relationships of the merchant and customer pools, encouraging the customer loyalty and thereby effectively ensuring repeat business.

Find free email newsletter templates on Cakemail, Practicale Ecommerce and Stamplia offers very modern looking templates.

The Basics

The emails you send out can take the form of email newsletters, which can be both informative whilst also addressing the target customer’s needs. The newsletter is good for building a relationship with the customer and gives your business a professional image.

Transactional Emails

If you are running an ecommerce store then transactional emails are useful for reminding a customer of a dropped basket, purchase, order confirmations and more. The customer also has the option of replying to the email with any questions about a purchase or potential purchase.

Direct Emails

Direct emails do not warrant a reply and are used mostly for informative purposes, like keeping the customer aware of any promotions, making announcements or special offers and discounts.


You could also choose Ezines as an alternative method to sending updates and offers to your customers. An Ezine is electronic magazine, delivered via email to the subscribers. They are more targeted to a specific niche and so the click through rate is higher than it normally would be. As they are not promoting anything directly, they can work to improve a customer’s trust and further their relationship with you. They are also never confused with spam.

Companies like Directory of Ezines will provide you with Ezine publishers to work with, so that you don’t have to create any content. They are easy to use, serve every niche and have very good customer support.

With these methods, you can expand your audience and keep customers interested in the brand.

Email marketing is a very important tool in increasing trust, and the opportunity to contact a potential customer should not be abused. Try to keep the emails to a maximum of 2 each week, otherwise a customer may become annoyed, leading your emails to either be unsubscribed from, blocked or sent directly to the spam folder.

How to Gain Subscribers

Knowing how to collect a list of subscribers for e marketing is an essential tool in business. There are certain things you should be doing so that your subscribers list always growing and works advantageously for both you and your customers.


Sign ups

We must first consider a few things in order to acquire as many subscribers as we can.

  • A polished and easily readable design is needed for the invitation to subscribe so that the customer feels attracted to it.

  • Make sure it is easily accessible and a quick process.

  • A great tip is to provide an incentive, like giving away something free in return for their sign ups.

  • Make sure the viewer thinks of your information as useful by providing links to interesting articles on the internet, this way they will have a higher regard of your services and are more likely to want information from you.


It always helps to conduct research on what is currently trending in the world, to stay updated with the latest information in order to keep your information relevant which will in turn attract more subscribers. This also means making revisions of your past content.

To direct attention to your sign up page, you can utilize blogs, forum postings and other lists, try networking and many other methods.

There are many autoresponder softwares with a built in email marketing system out there that can do job for you.

Depending on how much time you are willing to put into your email marketing business, here are some that do a little to some that do the whole job for you, even without having a business to market.

List Builders Lab

Provides you with everything you need to get started with a successful email marketing business. Takes you through building high-converting opt-in pages, guarantees at least 1500 subscribers in just 90 days and it has a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

Auto Responder Jobs

If you don’t have a business to promote, Auto Responder Jobs is a profitable service which provides you with companies that use automated email marketing for their own items which means you don’t do any of the work. For a small one-time fee they provide you with a business package that means a passive income for the rest of your life.

How to make your subscribers stay

Whilst you may have set up your automated email marketing system and have started gaining subscribers, you need to know how to make your subscribers stay. So here are some tips on locking in and keeping your subscribers for future email marketing:

– Make sure the email doesn’t wander off topic. If it is necessary to include other information then keep it brief.

– Using a personalized email address to communicate with your buyers can make a viewer feel more special and treated as an individual. Also using a personalized greeting can help a subscriber feel more special.

– Keep the email schedule to 2-3 every week, anymore and you may overwhelm your reader and be more likely to be thought of as a nuisance.

– Do not directly sell to the viewer as this will be detrimental to the trust they have with you. Instead, provide the subscriber with a link to a well made and informative article so that the viewer feels confident with their decision to purchase or sign up.

– Display customer support details and a link to your homepage at the end of your emails to make the customer feel comfortable with your communication.

And there you have it, all you need to know about email marketing to get started on your business venture. I wish you the best of luck!




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