How to Build Backlinks the Right Way – Learn How to Effectively Climb Up Google’s Search Listings

Oct 26, 2016 | Blogging Tips

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a term used to refer to the an incoming hyperlink from one web page that is listed on a website. A website is more likely to appear in search engine listings like Google if it has a lot of backlinks.

How does it bring you traffic?

A back link can bring you traffic in two different ways. 

  1. A blog that uses the information found on your blog and provides a link on their blog which directs their traffic to your content. 
  2. A way of giving your website authority with Google search engine optimisation and getting higher in the search listings. 

If backlinks are worked on little by little, they can eventually bring great success to your blog.

How to Build Backlinks

1. Use Informative Content

If you provide interesting and useful content then someone at some point down the line should provide a reference to the information they found on your website.

The same can be done with images, as it is a copyright requirement that an image used on a blog has a reference link in the caption area underneath.

Although this is a relatively long term strategy it will eventually pay off big-time.

2. Forums

Casually implementing your website when commenting on forums, notice boards and social networks can be a good but steady way of collecting backlinks. 

It is important to invest some time into involving yourself in the forum community regarding your subject. As when commenting in these forums and chats you don’t want to come over as constantly pushing your website on people.

A better idea is to look for queries or issues on these forums and if your websites content is related to the matter then you can help someone out by providing them with your website’s useful content.

3. Request to feature guest content on a popular blog

In order to make your backlink profitable you should choose a to feature it on websites that are popular and well promoted otherwise your back link may not get very far.

You may have seen on websites a page link that says “Write for us”. Simply find some websites with similar content to yours and look for this link at the top or bottom of the page. 

Look at that terms and conditions for featuring your blog on their guest post and if it’s clear that you can then apply for it. 

4. Create videos for your content

This can be a good source of traffic for your blog as YouTube can climb quite high in Google’s search listings. Also you will score well with SEO as Google indexing technology likes informative content that features both text images and videos. You will also generate more traffic if you update your old posts with videos.

Your videos don’t need to be highly detailed, they can simply be a summary of your content and a way of directing viewers to more information on your website. 

For branding your video with an intro and outro which includes your logo animated to a jingle, have a look at some of the services on offer on Fiverr. 

To get 20% off your first purchase on Fiverr follow this link.

5. Submit your article to external websites

There are some popular websites where you can feature an article from your website and provide a backlink with it. 

Here are some of the websites you can try:

6. Make your content as shareable as possible

Google loves it when your content takes a trip around social media as what it says is – this content is worth sharing.

This also means making sure that your content works with social media sharing links. If you have the time to edit your images so that they work well with content snippets in the social media links then do so.

7. If you must buy backlinks

Don’t buy crappy ones – an experiment by Anand from Shout Me shows us that Google will penalize you if it finds your website in vague places around the internet that don’t relate to your website. Google also gets suspicious when you add hundreds of backlinks at one time. This will result in a dramatic drop in traffic, if you do happen to buy them and are penalized for low-quality links, you can just discredit these on Google’s Disavow Page Here. It is better to add 5-10 links each week at a maximum, and make sure they are high quality and are from a page with authority that is related to your content. hosts a marketplace to buy and sell backlink placements that are categorized by niche and by the website’s authority in Google. So if you must buy backlinks, do it on websites that measure authority and have categories that relate to your niche.

So these are the (mostly) white hat methods of backlinking your site to achieve authority in the Google search listings.
There are some impressive backlinking methods to be found at backlinko. One lucrative method in particular called ‘The Moving Man’, involves finding dead-links on Wikipedia, creating the missing content on your website and contacting all the users of the dead link to inform them that their link is dead and that they can use your link if they want. This is a great technique as these people will not be wanting a dead link on their site and so would be grateful to you for informing them.




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