How to Create a Stylish Animated eBook using Flipsnack

Oct 22, 2016 | Ebooks



Creating an eBook can seem like a hefty and tiresome job, putting all the information and images together piece by piece can prove to be quite time consuming.


But we can make the process much easier with Flipsnack, a html5 flipbook creator that enables you to create a flipbook online from a pdf or from scratch.


This article will show you all the magical tools involved in creating a beautifully designed HTML5 Flipsnack book.




First, lets have a look at the pretty shiny texture effect Flipsnack uses with its ebooks:

Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
Dropshipping Cover Flipsnack example
The Self-Discovery Guide Flipsnack Example

You can have a look at it in action here.


Flipsnack uses html coding to create the ebook, which means your ebook works the same way as a website, so you can include buttons for a certain function. Take a look at what buttons you can implement:

Here are some other HTML tools we can implement:


The great thing about using Flipsnack is that you can press duplicate eBook button which enables you to use the same layout for a different eBook.


Why is this function so useful?


Well when you take in to account your specific niche, we know that we can use the same images, the same design, advertisements, layout and branding on most of your pages in the flipbook.


This means that all you need to change is the content and a few small maneuvers with images but for the most part, with Flipsnack the process of setting up the layout of your ebook is almost entirely automated.


Flipsnack also has a variety of templates which you can use, so you don’t have to have any knowledge of design and layout, you can work from what they give you. There is a surprisingly large amount of very modern and stylish templates available on Flipsnack.



There is a collection of ready-made tools that you can use for free. Take advantage of all their graphic templates like shapes, badges, buttons, borders and masks.


One of my favourite tools to use on Flipsnack is the mask tool, it can give a nice touch when using it with something generic but beautiful, like flowers, natural landscapes, clouds, paint, or anything related to your ebook.

Here is how I used the mask:


Flipsnack is an easy to use html5 flipbook creator due to its drag and drop capabilities.

It also has a selection of drag and drop headers and subtitles with set fonts and sizes, so you don’t need to waste time with fiddly adjustments:

Flipsnack is one of the most efficient and time-saving HTML5 eBook creators on the Internet. It will definitely give your eBook some authenticity and a professional aesthetic appeal.


You can start creating an eBook for free with Flipsnack, you can also share the Flipsnack link to your readers, which is the only way of accessing it. In order to download your eBook you have to sign up to an affordable $16 monthly plan, the next upgrade is a ‘corporate’ plan at $24 each month. I just use the $16 as I can access everything I need with this.


Now, when you’ve completed your eBook and think you’re ready to start promoting it, you need to ask yourself if you’ve made the most out of the eBook.


Don’t just think of the eBook’s outcome as making you a bit of money online, as it could be used for more than that. At the end of the book, you can direct the reader’s attention to anything you want, such as a new project you’re completing, or a promotion of a freebie on your website for building up your email list. Take every opportunity you get!


Now you see the power of an eBook and how fun it can be to make one. HTML5 eBooks are growing more and more popular, so there hasn’t been a better time to start making one!


Please comment to mention your Flipsnack link if you’ve followed my advice!





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