How to Make Your Amazon Kindle eBook a Best Seller in Just 5 Days

Oct 31, 2016 | Advertising Tips, Ebooks, Ecommerce

Being the creator of an eBook grants you the power to promote and sell your own content. An eBook can be a powerful tool, and when used correctly, is a great way to bring in some steady recurring income.

When I created my first eBook, it felt like a huge accomplishment, something I could finally put my name on and do with what I pleased.

Anyone can create an eBook, you don’t have to be a literary genius, just a decent grasp of the English language and a spell/grammar checker will do.

An eBook isn’t an earn cash fast scheme, it is something to be slowly chipped away at over time. Imagine the potential of making one eBook every month?

It is important to have realistic ambitions, setting a goal of 1 hour of writing every 2-3 days would make sufficient progress.


How to Promote your eBook Successfully on Amazon

I have come across many articles from people claiming they can tell you what it takes to make it to number 1 on the Amazon bestsellers eBook list. After reading a little further down these posts they tell you they can make £1000 or so in the first week and never mention the exciting statement from the start in their post again. But £1000 in the first week is a more realistic outcome that we are going to aim for.

To get your ebook noticed and ranked as popular in Amazon, in the first few days you must offer it for free.

We do this through the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program.

Research from Digital Book Today tells us that the best days to do a free eBook promotion on Amazon are Sundays and Mondays.


Prior to these days, or on the day I recommend you ask your family and friends to review your eBook for you, this is sure to give it more attention.

Now you need to promote the eBook like crazy while its free, as this will definitely entice a customer to download your content. In doing so we will rack up ratings and boost its overall popularity.


Here are some popular websites where we can promote free kindle books:

  1. Author Marketing Club – A directory of easy to fill out forms.
  2. Snickslist
  3. Addicted to ebooks
  5. Pixel of Ink
  6. Bargain Book Hunter
  7. EReader News Today
  8. Free Booksy
  9. Free Book Dude
  10. Ebook Lister
  11. Free Books Hub
  12. Frugal Freebies
  13. Hundred Zeros
  14. Totally Free Stuff
  15. Reddit (relevant forums and freebies forums)
  16. BlackHatForum
  17. OzBargain (- Must use an australian IP address)
  18. FatWallet
  19. SlickDeals
  20. I Crave Freebies

Promote on Social Media

Prior to the freebie promotion, you’ll want to prepare your social media.

Facebook groups

Find as many groups as you can which offer ‘freebies’ or ‘free ebooks’ and such in the title, and request to join them. You can use a Facebook mass group joiner and post scheduling tool like Octosuite to make the process a lot easier.

Here are a few Facebook groups to get started with:

Twitter Handles

Do your hashtag # research that is relevant to your ebook. Here are some to start off with: #Amazon #eBook #KPD (Kindle Publishing Direct) #FreeKindleReads #BookBuzzr #BookMarketing #Kindle #KindleBargain #BookGiveaway #WLCFreeToday

Find Twitter users who you think will be willing to promote your ebook, note their names down to @ them when you start to promote the free ebook. Choose people relevant to your niche, ebook promoters or anyone who promotes free stuff.


Here are some twitter users we can give an @ to:

@freebookclub1 @kindlestuff @KindleDaily @ibdbookoftheday @Booksontheknob @CheapKindleDly @digitalinktoday @kindle_free @Kindle_promo @bookbub @freeebooksdaily @zilchebooks @freedailybooks @fkbt  @Bookyrnextread @DigitalBkToday @free @freebookdude @4FreeKindleBook @IndAuthorSucess @IndieKindle @KindleFreeBook

Pricing your eBook

After 5 days of a free promotion, you should have gained popularity and some nice ratings (depending on your content).

Bestselling eBooks have a price range between £0.75 and £6.95.

I recommend £2.99 as an affordable price to pay, but it’s up to you.

To Sum up

If you’re thinking of publishing and selling a kindle eBook through Amazon, you should always do it through the KDP Select service first as it will get your eBook noticed and rated.

When the five days are over, its popularity during the 5 free days should have propelled it into the top most popular kindle eBooks on Amazon.




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