How this person earns £10,000 per month selling Amazon Kindle eBooks

Apr 7, 2017 | Ebooks

The main reason why many have found great success from authoring an Amazon Kindle eBook is that little marketing has to be done. After the initial take off with Amazon’s KDP service and $3 spent on 5 star reviews, the website works for you. 

This can work as a highly lucrative passive income scheme that needs very little expertise. You don’t even need a grasp on the English language as you’d be surprised by just how many Kindle authors use ghost writers to write eBooks. 

In the article ‘The Underground World of Kindle eBooks’ on the website we learn how a Kindle author who pays $5 for his eBook cover, $150 for the ghost writer (from the Philippines) and $3 per positive review earns $1000 per month per ebook. They send the ghostwriter a 2000 word outline and within 1 week they get back over 20,000 words, which take just 1 more week to edit and the job is pretty much done. With multiple eBooks up for sale, all at under $1 each, he is now earning $10,000+ a month. 

He has conjured up a great method for researching into ideas for content for writing best selling eBooks shown in the image below:

Yes it can a bit shady on Amazon where people make money out of paying others to write often badly written eBooks. These are most likely to be self-help books based on PLR content or a reworking of content found around the web. Although if you’re thinking of a faster route to just repost the PLR content as it is, Amazon state they know how to spot any duplicate material and it could get you banned. So creating your own material is a better idea. 

And if you don’t have a grasp on the English language, you should definitely pay someone who does to edit the eBook for you. 


How to make your eBook a best seller on Amazon

This article of someone making a photo of their foot top the Amazon best seller list, when it isn’t even an eBook is proof it can be done. It made best seller of the category, which gives credibility to a new item under the KDP service. So in order to make your Kindle take off, from our research the majority of success cases will do the following: 

  1. Use Amazon Kindles KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Service, offer it for free for the first 5 days. 
  2. Set a low price for it – between 77p and £1.20.
  3. Build up reviews while it is free. 

If you have family and friends who are willing to review your book then you could give them the review to copy and paste from their Amazon account. Reviews can also be bought for a small price, on Fiverr or through advertising on Craigslist/Gumtree for a content writer.

The possibilities for content are endless, you can easily be a best selling author.

According to daily sales data from 2016 which tested a million Amazon Kindle eBooks,

  • Nearly every single Kindle book selling 1 or more copy per day. (98.5% of them)
  • 90% of all Kindle titles selling at least 2-3 copies a week
  • 81% of all Kindle titles selling 1 or more copy a week
  • 64% of all Kindle titles selling 2 or more copies a month
  • 32% of all Kindle titles listed in the Amazon US Kindle store.

Want to endulge in your interests? Write about them!

Richard Feynmen was a Nobel prize-winning physicist who was also known as the great explainer. He is quoted for saying, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” He was known for explaining complex ideas in physics in a series of lectures to the general public, making them able to understand at the same rate as his students.

Richard Feynmen, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist

Learning about something in order to try to explain it in this simple way is a successful method for learning, as by implementing a more active way of learning, you actually retain the information a lot better. I’m currently practising watercolour painting, and am recording my process as I go, writing about the techniques I’m learning and scanning images of my paintings. This gradual way of writing whilst learning about the hobby takes longer but ensures a higher quality eBook and is learning with a purpose, which is to teach others. Also, if you carry your hobby on into the future, you can keep writing content and publish it on a blog. You own your writing and can dispense with it usefully in a variety of ways. 


Create your eBook through learning thoroughly about a subject of your interest

We know from ourselves that we tend to take our hobbies seriously, we have a sort of dedication to them as they’re what make us interesting.. And so there are millions of people with your hobby, many of whom love the convenience of the kindle, who are willing to spend 0.99p on an eBook that holds useful knowledge about their favourite way to pass the time. 

If you’d also, or instead would like to try writing fiction, you should feel comforted by the many creative writers who have struck gold without the need of a publisher or marketer. This includes:

Oliver Pötzsch, Amanda Hocking, Joe Konrath, John Locke, HP Mallory, Stephen Leather.

For marketing your eBook, you can give it a boost with services on Fiverr, there are people who run high-traffic blogs who will feature your eBook on their website for a period of time just $5. 



So as you can see, with Amazon KDP it is possible to get your eBook selling quickly and leave it as a passive income for years to come. It is worth it, and the idea can be adapted easily to fit any Kindle type content. To know how to effectively market your eBook to reach number one on the best seller list then visit our previous post in the eBook category, How to Make Your Amazon Kindle eBook a Best Seller in Just 5 Days




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