How to Promote and Sell any Item in Multiple Facebook Groups with Octosuite

Feb 22, 2017 | Advertising Tips, Domain Flipping, Ecommerce

Knowing how to promote your domain auction or any item for sale on the Internet is an important modern day skill. One method I have found to successfully promote something on Facebook is through posting to multiple groups that have a large number of members. The key part to this success is ensuring the Facebook groups relate to what you’re posting, they have to be genuinely interested in whatever you’re promoting. Octosuite-review

The marketing strategy involves making posting in multiple Facebook groups completely automated, by using a plugin that handles Facebooks API, the plugin that we’re going to talk about is Octosuite. 

Octosuite comes with many uses and is an impressive application, it gives you the tools for building an audience, automating posting and promoting a product. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Octosuite effectively and how to market a business with very little effort. 

For the purposes of demonstration I will be promoting one of my domain auctions using Octosuite. 


How to promote a domain auction with Octosuite

Octosuite’s Home Screen:

Octosuite Homescreen

First, you’ll want to join the Facebook groups, so click on Join Groups. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

So try searching for some keywords that might be used in the titles of the groups you’re looking to join. Search and then ‘select all’ and ‘mass join’. You can keep scrolling further and further down until you’ve selected enough. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

Now you might need to wait a few days in order to be added by the admins to some of the Facebook groups. Patience is key. 

Octosuite Mass group joiner

After they’ve accepted you, you’ll need to create a category for them, reconnect your Facebook account to update the app. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Here are some of my groups that I’ve gathered up in Octosuite. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster 

So to create a post, on the left menu click Post & Schedule and on the dropdown menu click Post.

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

We’re then taken to the post template, choose the Groups option and select which Group of Groups you want to post to. Then we type a description, if its a domain or any other kind of sale, make it sound like the viewer needs the item or shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

Provide a link and set the posting to delay by 30 seconds or however long you wish. This is to stop Facebook from blocking your spammy behaviour. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please note: It is advised to not post to more than 30 groups a day to keep from getting blocked. 

Octosuite Mass Facebook group Poster

You will then have to generate a token to access Facebook’s API in order to post, so follow the instructions. 

After that you can go ahead and click Post again. Then you can go and make a coffee or whatever, it is doing it all for you to save you lots of time. 

And there we have it, you have successfully mass-posted and promoted an item on Facebook. When timed well (study your audience – when are they online?), you can target your audience more effectively. 

Access Octosuite below:

Click Here for the basic Ocean Edition which gives you the all the basic features.

It also has a useful addon for Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin syndication – Click Here

And an impressive affiliate link cloaker add on – Click Here





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