How To Separate Buyers From Non Buyers

Sep 13, 2016 | Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce

There are two important things to remember if you want your business to thrive:

1. The amount of exposure you give it

2. The appeal of your website to the visitor

First impressions are important, and because your business doesn’t have any form of personal contact, the image of the business plays a big part in it’s success rate. And so we have various tools we can use for the overall image, such as informative resources and analytical research that can help to establish trust between the client and supplier.

Get to know your target market

Researching into demographics will help to aim the item in the right direction and gain suitable attention for it.

Assess the items popularity

You should look into the items popularity, which can be done through checking how well it sells on shopping sites like eBay and Amazon.

Gain trust

There are certain things to consider that can comfort a buyer when they are deciding to purchase a product. These include the quantity, substantial availability, whether they are easily obtainable and the type of advertising which originally led them to the product.

We can also use tools that have been designed to keep track of the customers, their interest rates and product popularity. These features are already included in Shopify, eBay and Amazon.

The non-buyers will most likely be looking for the cheapest deals you have, which may not result in a purchase.

People who are browsing specifically to make a purchase are searching for the most relevant and interesting items you have on display. This type of buyer is more likely to read all of the information available.

Targeting these types of buyers can be done through niche marketing. To research for a lucrative niche you can use google adwords, and search for key phrases, identifying its CPC (cost per click) rate and competition. You can also use Google to see the amount of results your keyword uses.

For Example:

It is important to try out the items and see which do well with varying target markets.

Arranging a feedback module is important for the future success rate of an item. Some online shops like Shopify have a rating system for the customers to use.

It is also worth requesting feedback in a purchase confirmation email or an email reminder as many customers may forget to give feedback as their needs are already fulfilled. However it is important to not harrass a customer with emails, one way to avoid this is to give the customer a choice of email frequency.

Once you are an experienced seller, you should be aware of all the tactics you can employ to differentiate a buyer from a non-buyer and target them.

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