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Oct 13, 2016 | Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing

October 12 marks the launch of Michael Cheney’s new affiliate marketing package: The Commission Cartel.

Michael Cheney is an affiliate marketing millionaire whose products seem to convert like crazy, on JVZoo they have won multiple POTDs (Product of the day).

His products offer impressive sales pitches which you can use to market affiliate products. He has made this package to leave no work for you to do but watch and learn.

Cheney knows how to sell a product, and also has decades of experience in affiliate marketing, so he’s been in the game for a long time.

His new product, The Commission Cartel, was made because Cheney wanted a way to make it as easy and as low-cost as possible to get people started with affiliate marketing and then get them earning a recurring income each month.

His affiliate marketing package is one of the cheapest I’ve seen starting at $27.00, it is also promising a quick conversion of $500 in only 30 days, which is then supposed to build over time.

Here is an example of his earnings:

What makes Commission Cartel stand out from other affiliate marketing packages is that a person can start completely from scratch, it doesn’t require a website, email list or traffic to start making money.

This means that anyone can get started, whether you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before (he claims a child could do it) or you know the rules and want that extra $omething each month.

Michael Cheney supplies you with his own affiliate marketing plan and teaches you everything he knows with the ultimate objective of turning you into a super affiliate marketer. 

In Commission Cartel you’ll find high quality affiliate marketing insider tips, along with some weird tricks that work surprisingly well, such as how to make more sales by deliberately NOT talking about the product.

Michael Cheney knows how to make a product irresistible, and with Commission Cartel you get the chance to use duplicates of his affiliate marketing businesses. 

So as the name suggests, he is building a huge affiliate family, who can use all his hook line and sinkers to reel in a buy. 

There are two memberships within The Commission Cartel:

The Godfather Package $27.00

The Godfather Package provides you with 5 copy and profit  income streams which make you a steady amount of $500 or more each month. Michael Cheney gives you a code word that grants you instant approval to promote 5 of the top selling products on JVZoo. Not only do you get all the material to promote these products, you also get bonuses to supply to your customers, which are huge earners 😉

To sum up, you get:

  • Instant approval to promote 5 best selling products
  • Copy and Paste promotional material
  • Bonus material to send when the buyer clicks through your link
  • Exclusively discounted coupon codes for the 5 campaigns
  • Screenshot coaching from Michael Cheney (easy to follow)

The Secret Weapons Package $47.00

The Secret Weapons package includes the exact blueprint which was used by Michael Cheney make a whopping $500,000. He’ll give you instant money-making templates where you just fill in the blanks and make thousands each month. According to Cheney it’s like getting an instant PhD in affiliate marketing.

You’ll get:

  • Secret psychological triggers that make people buy
  • Step-by-step training through 20 of Michael Cheney’s most profitable campaigns
  • Instant money-making templates
  • Tips on how to crush objections before they even come up

I highly recommend this affiliate marketing package as a low-cost, completely hassle-free and fairly quick earner. 

If you make a purchase through my links, you’ll receive a bonus full of wonderful marketing goodies.

All you have to do is email your receipt to to receive your bonus.

What you’ll get in the bonus:

-Core Video Training (with downloadable videos)

-The Dossier (with case studies)

-MP3 Audio

-Step-by-Step Blueprint

-Copy & Paste Promos

-Plus additional insider training including:

-Big Commission Bootcamp

-Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

-Uncensored Affiliate Secrets


Have a look at what is included when you click through my link:




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