The Passive Fiverr Income System – Using PLR products as services – ‘I will teach you how to…’

Oct 15, 2016 | Ebooks, Ecommerce

Fiverr is a popular website where you can buy or sells services for just $5. The products range from business start up gear like graphics, promotions and logos, to paranormal services like psychic predictions, healing powers and so on.

Lately I’ve been researching into the use of PLR packages as a way to boost income on the side, and I’m going to share with you an exciting method I found which uses Fiverr gigs to sell PLR.

This method has a lot of potential because of the quantity of the gigs you’re allowed, which is unlimited we can have multiple accounts on Fiverr. Though it is more profitable in the long-run to write your own material, or just reword PLR material, this method means we can sell an unlimited amount of material.

You will be selling informative resources, which are zipped up and ready to go. All you have to do, is create the gigs, then spend 10-15 minutes a day checking your accounts.

These resources come in the form of articles, tutorial videos and guidebooks, and none of them violate any terms of service. None of these items will be made by you, as will be selling PLR products.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means you can resell the item, edit it and all the proceeds go to you.

It is important to read the licensing instructions in every PLR package you find, as some request you not to edit, but most are fine. You should also be checking over how the articles are written, and edit if needed.

For free PLR, you can’t depend on them to be very well written, but there are also paid membership sites which give you access to better free packages. If you don’t mind paying per package, you’ll find higher quality PLR often at a very small cost, usually between $1-4. On Fiverr you can find them in their thousands for $5.

A few websites you can try out for PLR is: – You’ll find surprisingly high quality free PLR here. -search for PLR articles. –Excellent value for money, but the content will need assessing. free registration, 500 free products free membership -Sell good bundles – Very cheap!

Click the link here to get 20% off your first purchase on Fiverr.

How to Word your Fiverr Gig

You should look at every aspect of your description as a sales pitch. If you want to sell your item, take advice from Tom Hopkins in his article Arouse Emotions, Don’t Sell Logic, he tells us that:

“Positive emotions trigger sales; negative emotions destroy sales.”

So you need to excite your buyer, and to do that you should tell them what they can achieve with your valuable information.


Your Title

Your title needs to be creative, do not say that you will provide them with an ebook, but rather you will teach them a method.

For instance: I Will Teach You How To [insert PLR package theme] for $5.

The idea here is to make the gig sound more special and exciting than just ‘I Will Send You an Ebook on XYZ.’

Remember that all the customer wants to know is: How can this product help me?

It is important to word the title in a way that states it provides something desirable for that type of person.


Your Description

You’ll need to persuade the buyer with a positive and engaging description. Make sure you use the formatting options, highlighting in bold your most important and enticing information. 😉

One killer move is to advertise something that you’ll throw in with the order for free. You could also advertise the listing as buy 1 get 1 free.


Creating a Cover Photo

You will need to create cover photo for your gig, if you don’t have any graphic design skills and don’t want to pay for the kit, you can use:

Canva             Skitch             Pablo              Picmonkey                 Be Funky



You can choose up to 5 tags, make sure they are relevant to the product you are selling, don’t overuse a word, try a thesaurus if you get stuck.

The Duration

1 day deliveries will make your gig show up more in the search listings and all you have to do is click to send item each day. But it depends on how often you want to check the Fiverr account.


Instructions For the Buyer:

You don’t have to bother with instructions, but you can possibly throw in another freebie gig to show them that you value their custom. This goes down a treat on Fiverr.

Now your gig is complete.

You will receive a notification email when someone wants to buy your gig, make sure your settings are correct and that emails go to your mobile phone so that you can respond to buyers promptly.

Now repeat this process.

Change the description and graphics accordingly and max out to your maximum gig limit which is 20.

After you reach 20, create a new account, then do the same thing, and so on.

As you may have already guessed, each account would ideally be revolved around a specific niche. I.e. health and fitness, internet marketing, parenting, mental health, writing etc. Basically any niche that works as a service.

It isn’t a good idea to rush into this, it is better to slowly add these gigs on each day.

You will only see sales if you max out your gigs as much as possible. The sales will be gradual but eventually will become a great part of your recurring income.

It is also helpful to keep track of how well some gigs do compared to others, and make better choices for your business down the line.

Keep an eye out for methods other than Fiverr to sell your strategies. Such as:

So you have the options to make this a big business, but it won’t get far if you don’t put in the hard work of making multiple gigs.

You may come across research like how to achieve success on Fiverr by using software that racks up a view count for your gig – although I have never used them, my research concludes that Fiverr is very good at cracking down on fraudulent activity, so I advise not to use them in case your account gets banned.


This passive product is one of the easiest ways to make money on fiverr. As you can see all it requires is getting your hands on some PLR content that you can distribute as a service.

Anyone can get started on Fiverr with this tutorial as it takes no expertise whatsoever, you can easily begin a business today.

Please share this method with your friends and family!

please leave comments below if you’ve tried it!




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